We are surrounded by an unending parade of uncertainties and unconfirmed phenomena and if we decide to sit down and talk about the things we are not sure of, we may end up even doubting our own existence. Speaking of existence, what if the concept of the Matrix is true. 😀 😁 Hold on nau, hear me out first 😋

You all remember the movie: The Matrix right? If you have not seen that movie, you may be excused. Just bookmark this page, download the movie and watch it and then come back and ask for forgiveness 😔. If you’re stubborn are still reading this even when I have clearly instructed that you should go and watch the movie before continuing then you are an outlaw! 😒 I like you already 😚

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Good evening everyone, yaya? Yup! I am trying to learn Hausa before they will sell me here. Wish me goodluck. In other news, congratulations!! We made it to day 10 wooohoooo!!! Today, I am supposed to write about something for which I feel strongly for. It’s easy.


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Good day guys! Today I’m supposed to tell about something I struggle with. The truth is, we are all broken and have our individual struggles because we are imperfect. So, if you have come here to be judgemental, I suggest you stop reading and go now because I don’t have space for hypocrites on my blog.

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Good evening people. Thank you all for sticking around till day 7 and I’m really grateful for the support you have been giving me through your likes, comments and shares.

Today’s post is going to be a brief one because I am supposed to write about 10 songs I am loving right now. These 10 songs are not popular, new and might not seem interesting to you but they definitely do to me. The reason why I like these songs and quite frankly, music in general is that each song is like a fresh pair of shades with which I view my environment and situation differently.

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Another one (in Dj Khaleed’s voice). Hey guys! Hopefully you didn’t notice that I missed a day but i’ll bounce back. I hope you have been enjoying the challenge with me. Its Day 6 and i’m supposed to talk about 5 ways to win my heart. I don’t exactly understand the context behind this topic so I’m just going to treat it in a very general way.

Get your notepads and pens ready and pay attention (insert who wants to be a millionaire soundtrack).

Hold a meaningful conversation

If you know me well, you would know that I like to have actual conversations with people about random or mundane things even. If I am able to have a conversation with you for more than 10 minutes that I am genuinely involved in then you have won my heart instantly because I don’t think I can be friends with or be in a relationship with someone I can’t really converse with. If we can talk for hours and loose track of time eventually, you have my heart.

Be Real

If I hang around you for a short or long while and realise that you’re not yourself and you’re being fake, I’ll withdraw from you because it scares me. I, on my own have struggles sometimes with acting in accordance with my happiness and people’s opinions; I cannot come and add to my problems.

Know your boundaries

This should be number one on this list because a lot of people don’t know when to just stop and recognise the lines. When I encounter such people and I eventually have to spell it out to them and ask them to back off, I become rude and insensitive. Once you know your boundaries and respect yourself, means you can respect me and I can respect you too. Heart won!

Get me a novel

Yasss, novels are life! If you want to win my heart instantly, you just need to get me a novel to keep me busy, occupied and entertained. Plus, I’m looking for how to build up my personal library so bring em innn!!!

                            Give me attention

 😑😐  Call me petty, but I don’t care. This is why I prefer one-on-one conversations with people because it not only makes me more comfortable and free but also means that all of the person’s attention and focus is on me. Give me your attention and you’ve won my heart.

So!  There you have it!  I hope you took necessary notes 😇

See you next time!



Good day everyone, I finally made out time to write on todays topic which is: Five places I want to visit. This is a very easy topic for me to talk about because I dream of these places all the time. I daydream all the time as far as I stay idle for more than at least five minutes, so part of my imaginations are trips to these places. Sometimes I will plan my whole trip ready to go and my bank account will chewing toothpick and looking at me with side-eye 😦

Anyway here goes!:

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Day 4 people! So far so good yeah?

To be honest with you all, I have been staring at a blank page for the past fifteen minutes trying to find out who to write about. A lot of people inspire me in very different ways and in different aspects of my life and most at times these people are not who you would describe as “important” or “big”. Even as I type these words, I’m still not sure who to write about.

“To inspire someone means to fill the person with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

Okay, I’m sure now. The person whom I’m going to write about is a woman whom I have known my whole life. She’s an accountant, a mother of five and she inspires the strength my personality has.

She’s my mother.

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Alright guys! It’s day 3 of the 30-day writing challenge and I am supposed to tell you what my top 3 pet peeves are. First of all a pet peeve is a thing a person finds very annoying to a greater degree than others find it. lol this is going to be interesting :D. Okay here we go.

1..The sound of spoon stirring liquid (especially tea) in a cup

That thing drives me very crazy and I cannot explain why it does. My younger sister likes to stir her tea for what seems like minutes and she knows it annoys me so most times she just does it and waits for my reactions: “Haba! is it soup you are turning?” “Should I come and put crayfish inside?” “Even if it is akamu abeg” “Drink the kain tea nau”


Does stirring tea for that long improve the taste or does it give it healing properties? I am confused o.

2..Seeing the bathroom door open

This one is a pet peeve that even I cannot explain. It annoys me when I enter a room and the bathroom door is visibly open. Drives me nuts! What’s worse is if it’s not clean and then I can perceive it from the room, my mood would just change; instant vexation. It’s even worse when the room is small, it makes it impossible for me to avoid looking at it. Am I normal? (don’t answer that)

3..Walking on a wet or damp floor

This one is just irritating when I’m barefooted. There’s nothing much to say about it, it’s just disgusting and annoying. It irritates me and annoys me so much.

Other pet peeves include: hearing people eat, snorting sounds, touchy people, Zee world (yep, you heard me), etc.

Here ends Day 3 of the challenge!

See you tomorrow.



It’s Day 2 of the 30-day writing challenge and today I am supposed to write about something someone told me about myself that I will never forget. Well, to be honest, a lot of things have been said to me especially about my personality. Some of them have been very wrong, very negative but some have also been very true and honest.

This thing I’m about to talk about is something that has been said to me so many times in so many different ways even by my own sister and I have been misunderstanding and being defensive about it until just recently when another person said it to me. Three words:

“Get a life”

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