Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by pressing whole olives and is commonly used in cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and soaps, and as a fuel for traditional oil lamps. Olive oil is used throughout the world and is often associated with Mediterranean countries.

Saturated fats
Total saturated Palmitic acid: 13.0%
Stearic acid: 1.5%

Unsaturated fats
Total unsaturated > 85%
Monounsaturated Oleic acid: 70.0%
Palmitoleic acid: 0.3–3.5%
Polyunsaturated Linoleic acid: 15.0%
α-Linolenic acid: 0.5%

Food energy per 100 g (3.5 oz) 3,700 kJ (880 kcal)
Melting point −6.0 °C (21.2 °F)
Boiling point 300 °C (572 °F)
Smoke point 190 °C (374 °F) (virgin)
210 °C (410 °F) (refined)
Specific gravity at 20 °C (68 °F) 0.911[1]
Viscosity at 20 °C (68 °F) 84 cP
Refractive index 1.4677–1.4705 (virgin and refined)
1.4680–1.4707 (pomace)
Iodine value 75–94 (virgin and refined)
75–92 (pomace)
Acid value maximum: 6.6 (refined and pomace)
0.6 (extra-virgin)
Saponification value 184–196 (virgin and refined)
182–193 (pomace)
Peroxide value 20 (virgin)

As a child, I grew up using olive oil for almost everything. I used it for my hair,my skin, and even for cooking. Whenever people hear me say that i use olive oil as a skin cream, they have this “is this one crazy?” look on their faces like “who does that?” but it works for me so I dont really care what they think.
So! Im going to list out what and what I presently use olive oil for.
1. An Oil for my hair
2. Use it with honey for my skin
3. Use it with sugar to exfoliate my face
4. To prevent acne on my face
My mum has been using olive oil as a mosturizer for her skin for as long as i can remember and her skin is to die for.
Simply put, Olive Oil is the best thing that has happened to me ever!
So simply go to a store near you or online and get yourself a bottle of original extra virgin olive oil.



“You are woman ” , mother said
Sit up, your make-up must not fade
be elegant be polite
for in all these will a man delight
sticking to this formulae for ages
she’d been robbed by friends family and lovers in different life stages
raped by her beauty with her own consent
of perception and vision in no little percent

stirring blankly in the face of her past
at the aesthetic view of shame, she felt downcast
she heard it again, “You are woman”
she giggled cynically, “Woman?, whatever that meant!”
To her, A cliche with no sentiment

” Do you not hear?” she heard the silence speak
the aching the groaning the moaning burning in your soul
a calling for the deep within the deep
buried while in natures untimely sleep
beyond your beauty and supple thighs
oh! rise up from where ignorance lies
the world awaits in tingling anxiety
will you not answer, woman why tarry?



“I have to win this to prove them wrong”
BUZZ!!!! That is so wrong on so many levels.
As human beings we are naturally meant to struggle to achieve heights or succeed (thanks to Adam and his bae) and this success is meant to be “sweet” because it is a product of our own hard work.

Due to the fact that humans are naturally wicked, even the bible says, “the heart of man thinketh evil continuously”, some people just sit and make it their job to negatively criticise us.
“This girl, what can she do?”
“Haha, what’s she doing? Reading? Don’t waste your time dear”
“You can’t get more than a fifty percent in that test”
“You got 80? Tell me the truth, did you cheat?”
“Leave that one, you’re wasting your time ”

Even I am provoked as I write them.
These statements no doubt would annoy the hell out of you, I know, but there’s something we are forgetting here,
Yes! They always talk.
No matter how successful you think you are, people would always do ” bad belle” and say bad stuff about you.
The earlier you realise that people’s negative statements are as constant as oxygen in the air, the happier you are.

It is arguable however that listening to these negative statements give you the drive to work harder. Sometimes I hear some great men say “thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me”
I guarantee you that most of the people who didn’t believe in them and said bad stuff about them, still don’t believe in them even as they are successful.
Don’t let the need to prove these people wrong be the sole aim of your hard work, you will just be a sad but successful person.

Our Studio lecturer keeps telling us in class right before our jury that
“It’s easy to criticise people’s works and cancel them but I guarantee you that most of those lecturers that criticise your work cannot do what you have just done.”
You mustn’t listen to what people say about you and let it get to you.
Don’t make that mistake of allowing the need to prove people wrong get to you.
It’s unhealthy!
I saw a silly post the other day, it said:
“Dont fuss over people, they will all die”
Lol pretty extreme but it conveys a message.

Let your sole aim of wanting to succeed in life be, YOUR HAPPINESS and trust me when that success comes, it will be sweet!!!


This is day 2 of Finding Real Happiness by John Pieper. Yesterday’s devotional was about how we should always begin with and be aware of God’s presence in anything we do. Today’s is even more interesting.
The text is John 17:24 and it says


The devotional says:

Believers in Jesus are precious to God (we’re his bride!). And he loves us so much that he will not allow our preciousness to become our god.

God does indeed make much of us (adoption!), but he does so in a way that draws us out of ourselves to enjoy his greatness.

Test yourself. If Jesus came to spend the day with you, sat down beside you on the couch, and said, “I really love you,” what would you focus on the rest of the day that you spend together?

It seems to me that too many songs and sermons leave us with the wrong answer. They leave the impression that the heights of our joy would be in the recurrent feeling of being loved. “He loves me!” “He loves me!” This is joy indeed. But not the heights and not the focus.

What are we saying with the words “I am loved”? What do we mean? What is this “being loved”?

Would not the greatest, most Christ-exalting joy be found in watching Jesus all day and bursting with, “You’re amazing!” “You are amazing!”

He answers the hardest question, and his wisdom is amazing.
He touches a filthy, oozing sore, and his compassion is amazing.
He raises a dead lady at the medical examiner’s office, and his power is amazing.
He predicts the afternoon’s events, and his foreknowledge is amazing.
He sleeps during an earthquake, and his fearlessness is amazing.
He says, “Before Abraham was, I AM,” and his words are amazing.
We walk around with him utterly amazed at what we are seeing.

Is not his love for us his eagerness to do for us all he must do (including die for us) so that we can marvel at him and not be incinerated by him? Redemption, propitiation, forgiveness, justification, reconciliation – all these have to happen. They are the act of love.

But the goal of love that makes those acts loving is that we be with him and see his jaw-dropping glory and be astounded. In those moments we forget ourselves and see and feel him.

So I am urging pastors and teachers: Push people through the acts of Christ’s love to the goal of his love. If redemption and propitiation and forgiveness and justification and reconciliation are not taking us to the enjoyment of Jesus himself, they are not love.

Press on this. It’s what Jesus prayed for.

This devotional, to my understanding is simply trying to let us know that some of us may actually be drawing our happiness from the wrong place.
It’s trying to say that we should not just be happy at the fact we are loved, we should be happy with what he has done for us, out of love.
It says that we should be amazed and astounded by his loving acts because they never stop and he does them everyday.
It doesn’t stop at saying that God loves you, everyone knows that. Let’s ask ourselves how we know that God loves us. Knowing this will make us understand the depth and intensity of his love better and it will make us happier.

Oh Lord, we thank you for loving us and keeping us alive even though we have sinned. We thank to providing food and shelter and keeping our families safe. Lord, we ask that you help us understand your love better so that we can testify to others with our mouths. AMEN


I recently subscribed for a 3 day reading plan on my youversion bible and it is about finding real happiness in the midst of the commotion and confusion in the world today. I will share with you its contents and also what i have understood from this devotional.
The text is 2Corinthians 4:4 and it says


The devotional says:

Test yourself. What is your mindset? Do you begin with God and his rights and goals? Or do you begin with yourself and your rights and wishes?

And when you look at the death of Christ, what happens? Does your joy really come from translating this awesome divine work into a boost for self-esteem? Or are you drawn up out of yourself and filled with wonder and reverence and worship that here in the death of Jesus is the deepest, clearest declaration of the infinite esteem of God for his glory and for his Son?

Here is a great objective foundation for the full assurance of hope: the forgiveness of sins is grounded, finally, not in my finite worth or work, but in the infinite worth of the righteousness of God, God’s unswerving allegiance to uphold and vindicate the glory of his name.

I appeal to you with all my heart, take your stand on this. Base your life on this. Ground your hope in this. You will be free from the futile mindset of the world. And you will never fall.

When God’s exaltation of God in Christ is your joy, it can never fail.

This devotional is trying to draw us back to the beginning and is asking us to think about the reason behind most things we do.
Do we do things for self esteem, social acceptance, or personal fulfillment and satisfaction? or do we do them because they please God?
The human being is naturally selfish and that is why in almost every chapter in the bible, we are reminded that we are helpless and useless without Christ in our lives.
He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, he who sees in the secret and in the open. You have not started until you invite him to lay the foundation of your purpose with you.
My mother always tells me to dip myself into Gods love and word. She says to cast my whole essence to him and that at every point in time, i should have this awareness that he is watching.
I have understood that in anything i do, my mindset should be geared towards beginning with God and ending with him.

Oh Lord, we lay down our body and soul to you as a living sacrifce, we appreciate the fact that you gave us your son to die for our filth. Lord give us the grace to do our things according to your will and to begin with you and end with you. AMEN


Hello Girls! Today we are going to be talking about exfoliation and why it needs to be included in your self care regimen.

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.

This process involves physically scrubbing the skin with an abrasive. Mechanical exfoliants include microfiber cloths, adhesive exfoliation sheets, micro-bead facial scrubs, crepe paper, crushed apricot kernel or almond shells, sugar or salt crystals, pumice, and abrasive materials such as sponges, loofahs, brushes, and simply fingernails. Facial scrubs are available in over-the-counter products for application by the user. People with dry skin should avoid exfoliants which include a significant portion of pumice, or crushed volcanic rock. Pumice is considered a good material to exfoliate the skin of the feet. Microdermabrasion is another mechanical method of exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliants include scrubs containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fruit enzymes, citric acid, or malic acid which may be applied in high concentrations by a medical professional, or in lower concentrations in over-the-counter products. Chemical exfoliation may involve the use of products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or enzymes that act to loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to ease away. This type of exfoliation is recommended for people treating acne. In beauty spa treatment on continental Europe, the chemical properties of wine producing grapes are exploited in the practice of vinotherapy which is becoming increasingly popular

Now that we have understood all that, i would like to tell us that there are DIY exfoliation mixes that can be prepared at home. These mixes are not only easy to make but also cheaper to use.
I exfoliate once a week using the Olive Oil and sugar mix to exfoliate my skin and i will explain to you how i do it.
Things you need:
1. A bowl of warm water
2. Face towel
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
4. Granulated Sugar
Heres how i do it:
1. First, i dip my face towel in the bowl of warm water and spread it over my face. (this is done to open up my facial pores).
2. Afterwards i wipe my face clean with my warm face towel.
3. Next, i rub olive oil liberally on my face.
4. Then i take the granulated sugar in my palms and smoothen it all over my face.
5. Next i gently rub it all over in circular motions for about 30seconds.
6. I then rise of the sugar properly with warm water.
7. Finaly, i wipe off the oil on my face patiently with my warm face towel.
See? So easy!
My younger sister uses the Honey and Sugar mix and it also gives her good results too!
Remember, exfoliation methods vary with your skin type so you have to make proper research before using any method.
You can search for many other DIY exfoliation mixes for your body



Hello everyone!!!! How are we all doing??? Wonderful evening here in the East and by wonderful i mean its raining.
The first time I spoke to my mum about going natural, she was almost scared for me, saying that I would not have the time and money to take care of natural hair because it was only “fashionistas” that had the time and energy to take care of natural hair.
Before I decided to go natural, I had already begun a healthy hair journey in 2013. I realised that my hair indeed was my crown and that it had started loosing its decorative pearls. So, with the help of my mum, I picked interest in having healthy hair. I started relaxing once in six months and started taking care of my hair myself at home. I was mostly on my natural permed hair and hardly manipulated it or stressed it with protective styles.
I started shampooing every month, and co-washed weekly. I used olive oil and honey mostly on my hair and castor oil to regrow my edges.

Before Healthy Hair Journey
After Healthy Hair Journey

I continued taking care of my permed natural hair until I met my friend’s sis who newly had a big chop and she looked good! That was when I decided to go natural.
I started doing a lot of research on google, pinterest, instagram, facebook, bbm, everywhere! And I realised that there were more naturalistas in Anambra state alone than I thought. I then started my transitioning stage in February, 2015 and im about to do my big chop in October!.

Transitioning pic of 8months

Very soon I will fully join the natural community. Its going to be fun!! 😀



Hello ladies!!!!
Today we are going to talk about modesty and what we think of it.
First, lets define modesty

MODESTY – Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency

– Oxford Learner’s Dictionary
We are going to talk about modesty in relation to our dress code. Ever heard of the statement “the way you dress is the way you are addressed”? Right! Me too!
Now lets define modesty in our own terms!

MODESTY – Modesty can be dedined as behaviour, manner or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indencency in relation to the environment one finds him/herself. – GirlUp And Walk 😀

I used to have an issue with dressing during my early teen yeard because i simply did not know what to wear to anywhere. The iea of modesty differs with different environments or locations.
For example Cynthia’s parents let her wear mini skirts at home but not to work or to church. Cynthia’s parents are not saying that mini skirts are wrong, but cynthias parents are saying that it shpuldnt be worn outside to work or church because her personality might be perceived differently.
Have we understood now that modesty has different definitions at dofferent locations? Awesome.
Now, what do we think about when we hear that a girl is dressed modestly? Stop! I know what youre thinking! Big clothes thst dont fit? No make up? No good shoes? “Mary Amaka”clothes abi?
Thats not true though.
We must not look frumpy or churchy to look modest..thats the whole idea behind todays discussion. Below are examples of modest looking women who sre still hot..



First Post!!!

Hello everyone! We welcome all the pretty females to our blog. This blog was started when decided to begin a healthy life journey. I will be sharing and documenting every step of this journey and i will also share with the you the things i have learnt and thought of during this journey.

I really need your support because the opinions of the viewers of this blog are very important. Feel free to inbox at girlupnwalk@gmail.com to share with me your ideas or posts you want to share with your fellow viewers.

We are going to be talking about healthy hair, skin and lifestyle. There will also be periodical devotionals available for meditation. When read posts we should feel free to share with our friends on other social platforms to help others learn what you have learnt.

I have a good feeling about this, and i look forward to sharing my journey with you. God bless you. Cheers!