Hello Girls! Today we are going to be talking about exfoliation and why it needs to be included in your self care regimen.

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.

This process involves physically scrubbing the skin with an abrasive. Mechanical exfoliants include microfiber cloths, adhesive exfoliation sheets, micro-bead facial scrubs, crepe paper, crushed apricot kernel or almond shells, sugar or salt crystals, pumice, and abrasive materials such as sponges, loofahs, brushes, and simply fingernails. Facial scrubs are available in over-the-counter products for application by the user. People with dry skin should avoid exfoliants which include a significant portion of pumice, or crushed volcanic rock. Pumice is considered a good material to exfoliate the skin of the feet. Microdermabrasion is another mechanical method of exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliants include scrubs containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fruit enzymes, citric acid, or malic acid which may be applied in high concentrations by a medical professional, or in lower concentrations in over-the-counter products. Chemical exfoliation may involve the use of products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or enzymes that act to loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to ease away. This type of exfoliation is recommended for people treating acne. In beauty spa treatment on continental Europe, the chemical properties of wine producing grapes are exploited in the practice of vinotherapy which is becoming increasingly popular

Now that we have understood all that, i would like to tell us that there are DIY exfoliation mixes that can be prepared at home. These mixes are not only easy to make but also cheaper to use.
I exfoliate once a week using the Olive Oil and sugar mix to exfoliate my skin and i will explain to you how i do it.
Things you need:
1. A bowl of warm water
2. Face towel
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
4. Granulated Sugar
Heres how i do it:
1. First, i dip my face towel in the bowl of warm water and spread it over my face. (this is done to open up my facial pores).
2. Afterwards i wipe my face clean with my warm face towel.
3. Next, i rub olive oil liberally on my face.
4. Then i take the granulated sugar in my palms and smoothen it all over my face.
5. Next i gently rub it all over in circular motions for about 30seconds.
6. I then rise of the sugar properly with warm water.
7. Finaly, i wipe off the oil on my face patiently with my warm face towel.
See? So easy!
My younger sister uses the Honey and Sugar mix and it also gives her good results too!
Remember, exfoliation methods vary with your skin type so you have to make proper research before using any method.
You can search for many other DIY exfoliation mixes for your body



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