“I have to win this to prove them wrong”
BUZZ!!!! That is so wrong on so many levels.
As human beings we are naturally meant to struggle to achieve heights or succeed (thanks to Adam and his bae) and this success is meant to be “sweet” because it is a product of our own hard work.

Due to the fact that humans are naturally wicked, even the bible says, “the heart of man thinketh evil continuously”, some people just sit and make it their job to negatively criticise us.
“This girl, what can she do?”
“Haha, what’s she doing? Reading? Don’t waste your time dear”
“You can’t get more than a fifty percent in that test”
“You got 80? Tell me the truth, did you cheat?”
“Leave that one, you’re wasting your time ”

Even I am provoked as I write them.
These statements no doubt would annoy the hell out of you, I know, but there’s something we are forgetting here,
Yes! They always talk.
No matter how successful you think you are, people would always do ” bad belle” and say bad stuff about you.
The earlier you realise that people’s negative statements are as constant as oxygen in the air, the happier you are.

It is arguable however that listening to these negative statements give you the drive to work harder. Sometimes I hear some great men say “thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me”
I guarantee you that most of the people who didn’t believe in them and said bad stuff about them, still don’t believe in them even as they are successful.
Don’t let the need to prove these people wrong be the sole aim of your hard work, you will just be a sad but successful person.

Our Studio lecturer keeps telling us in class right before our jury that
“It’s easy to criticise people’s works and cancel them but I guarantee you that most of those lecturers that criticise your work cannot do what you have just done.”
You mustn’t listen to what people say about you and let it get to you.
Don’t make that mistake of allowing the need to prove people wrong get to you.
It’s unhealthy!
I saw a silly post the other day, it said:
“Dont fuss over people, they will all die”
Lol pretty extreme but it conveys a message.

Let your sole aim of wanting to succeed in life be, YOUR HAPPINESS and trust me when that success comes, it will be sweet!!!


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