Hello everyone!!! A very happy Sunday to you all! Remember in the previous post when I told you about the fact that I have been transitioning since February? Well I just had my big chop yesterday and I feel liberated, natural and happy!

What made it even more fun was that my sister and my mum also had their big chops! Lol



Originally, my mum and my sis have been using texlaxers on their natural hair and overtime their hairs became damaged and thin. Its funny though because both of them had already bought their texlaxers to continue with it on Monday but I did something evil hehehehe *evil grin*

On Saturday morning, I had already made a list of the stuff I wanted to get at the market for my big chop. They were:

  1. Sharp hair scissors
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Regular conditioner
  4. Detangling brush
  5. Shea butter
  6. Coconut oil
  7. Olive oil
  8. Palm kernel oil
  9. Satin material (for my DIY satin bonnet)
  10. Elastic band (for my DIY satin bonnet)
  11. Wide toothed comb
  12. Glycerin

While I made the list, my mum was there with me and she became curious and interested. Ever heard the saying that “all you need is one natural hair tutorial from youtube and youre hooked?”

My mum was hooked lol okay more like inspired and my sis was behind her so I won like two souls in three minutes lol! My mum instructed me to get three parts of each of the items I had on my list and that was it!! Hehehe

I left the house at around 11:00 am and walked round the market looking for stuff and guess what? I was done about 2 hours later! Due to the fact that most people didn’t really know about natural hair, most of the traders in the market looked at me funny when I told them I wanted to use PKO for my hair!

It was fun! Though the sun was out so I got a little tired but I was done and I got back home. I was surprised to see my eager mum waiting at the door for me to come back from the market with the stuff for the big chop. Then I did an evil thing again..hehhe yes! I showed her a “how to do your own big chop” tutorial and she was super hooked!

Im going to stop here 😀 …nope nope don’t gimme that face lol.. I really have to go because grandma is visiting this evening and we have to make her favorite “ofe akwu” palm kernel stew

Please like, comment and share with your friends! Cheers!!!



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