Little Sparks

Years ago, I remember sitting on my father’s thighs and asking him in such a “raz” manner “ Daddy, so what will I be na?”. He laughed so hard. Actually, now that I think of it, that must have been a really stupid and naive question.😅

 As the years passed by, my career choices continued to flicker like the current power situation in Nigeria 😂. If I remember correctly, as an ardent foodie, I wanted to be a teacher mostly because of the palatable meals I saw packaged for my teachers after class. Occasionally, my selfish teachers would give out their meals to their favorite students who were always the smartest in the class. Seeing that I was neither of the two, I swore to myself, “Choi, if I don’t have this kind of food, na die I dey. I go do person eeehh”

 ( Silly me. I guess we now know why I never got their food. Let’s not explore more of my past career choices just incase my future husband is reading this)😘 

As I began to mature, I think the concept of being a lawyer appealed more to me .I don’t know whether it’s because I thought that was the closest I could come to becoming a criminal mastermind. (Please oo…the profession is nothing like that! It’s a noble one..hehehe 🚶🏽🚶🏽). Suffice to say that I didn’t choose the profession for the most conventional reasons, like fighting for justice and fairness. (In my opinion, superman or the arrow should do that 💪🏾)..

Ok, what am I saying exactly?

 My point is this: 15 years after, and I am still asking the same question only in a purportedly matured manner “What is my purpose?”. Everyone wants to be great Abi? (me too ooo 🙇🏾) Permit me to spew the thoughts of a perplexed mind below: 

 “Will I be great?, Does greatness have to be some ground breaking event? Do I have to save the world or “my city” like Clark kent or Oliver Queen? (Ok..ignore the last question 😆) Let me be more practical. Do I have to be a pastor or a doctor? Do the little things count for greatness? The little words of encouragements, the smiles you put on people’s faces( like the one I am putting on yours right now;))( yes, go on, smile ☺️), the tears u wipe from someones face just by being there?”

I don’t know about you but I want to believe that we live in a world where they count .You see, they may be nothing in your eyes, but they are exactly what the worlds needs. The little sparks; rays of hope that glow in our hearts and make us warm at night 🔥. These little sparks come together from their minuscule corners and light the world….

In life, it is not really about the “great” people who wait till they do the “big” things, but the little people in their little corners who make it possible for the great people to do the big things. I believe they are the flavor of a tasteless world. 

So instead of killing myself over what the future holds and setting lofty goals for myself, I have resolved to take respite in the glow of my mum’s face when she violently laughs at my exceedingly dry jokes ( 😤), the smile on a friend’s face when I give an unexpected birthday gift or a much needed advice…because it means that in the midst of my seemingly purposeless life, I have purpose, I am relevant to them. 

I guess that’s what purpose really is. 

Instead of waiting for a mind blowing event to occur, i’ll be the best me I can be today. 👌🏽

 Appreciate the little sparks in your life today! be one too! ✨✨

P.S. Be a little spark by sharing and commenting!❤️


26 thoughts on “Little Sparks

  1. girlupnwalk says:

    lol silly you indeed (flickering like the current power situation in Nigeria) that one got me..hahaha.. you have said the truth my dear, sometimes we feel purpose is having our names up in the news for everyone to recognise us but in the real sense, purpose really means what we have done to make the next person comfortable and happy and the best way to do that is simply to be ourselves. Nice one Unaks.


  2. Princess Nwike says:

    This is good. Awesome in fact. Got me thinking of sir Amos tho. The pride he would feel reading something like this from his very own product.


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