My people! Welcome to this wonderful place on this wonderful Sunday ☺..hope sey una go church o! Because without God we are nothing and apparently our ladies would be able to find that God fearing brother that will marry them💍before they turn 35 and buy an expensive fruit mansion👱🏾…lmao..Naija we too much!! We carry first class for “pucknosing” aka “drinking procold for another person cattarh” hehehe
So, I am sure everybody has heard about our Lady Linda and her expensive mansion on a fruit (banana) island in Lagos. Have we seen the house? Omg!! 😱That na house!! The bathroom alone made my mouth water. Although i have concerns about the amount of glazing used for the house and i really hope they are not those types that get transparent at night if not lady Linda will not have privacy o! All the same the house is awesome.

Can i say that Nigerians will never cease to amaze me? Hehe infact Nigerians clap for yourselves!! 👐🏽Una too much. Have we heard of the hashtag #GoandMarry that trended on twitter not too long ago? 😀 and yes you guessed right, it was for our Linda bebe o. Apparently, Nigerians who are the good people that care so much about their own are advising Linda bebe to go and marry o! Before it gets too late because she is getting too successful. See inspirational tweets nau, i will share some of them for you to see. The theory says that


“the richer a woman gets, the slimer her chances of catching the boo”..lwkmd :D”

They also say that she obviously is sad and unhappy because she is not complete without a man and that very soon she would start begging God to send any kind of man her way. Hehehe..
Dariz not all o! While these set of people are advising her to get a man, there is another set of humans o! You know their own story? These people are of the opinion that Linda is a confam “Runz girl” 😀 . They are more concerned with the “how” and not the “why”. Their own theory says that

“only amebo 24/7 cannot buy a woman a 500 million house, Linda na runz girl!”

Diariz God ooooo

Well, you want to know what I think? Lol of course you do…Heres what i think😎:
First of all, Linda is 35 years old so, obviously she is a fully grown adult with her own principles that were born out of experiences. I believe she is old enough to know what is right for her and what isn’t . Don’t you think so? 🙂

I also believe that its her life and due to fact that we don’t know her personally, we have no right what so ever to judge her or be all up in her business. So, the fact that Linda is not married by now could be by choice or by circumstance, but we don’t know. One thing i have learnt is never to argue or make statements when i don’t have fact. All the people saying rude things about her do not know her personally except through the media and you know what they say about the media. It shows us what it wants to show us. I feel Nigerians should just chill and be happy for her because getting a house is a good thing.

Secondly, unlike most people I don’t believe that the time a woman gets married is upto how much she has or how much she spends or the level education she has. I believe it is upto her personality as a person. There is an igbo saying: “Ezigbo agwa bu nma nwanyi” in english it says “good behaviour is a woman’s beauty”. There are poor women in the villages that are 45 and unmarried too so i believe it all boils down to the kind of woman she is.

My mum is a counsellor so she deals with alot of young women and men and 75% of the unmarried women that come to her for counsel are always faced with personality issues especially when it comes to your relationship with God and the people around you.
My people! Please calm down before you judge our Linda and let us mind our business abeg. She is old enough to know what she wants and she probably had already thought about it before she took the decision. Ndi Nigeria please be happy for her and stop running your mouths about something we know nothing about because I am sure that if Linda didn’t buy the house and got married to a very rich politician, that you will all call her a gold digger just like you did Lara Fortes, Oshiomole’s dashing wife.

Instead of bashing a woman who is successful in her own way, let us use the time to raise our female children to be confident in themselves and try to build a positive and awesome personality so that there will be no “had-i-known”..una don hear? 😀
Oya o una bye bye!! 🏃🏽Make I go chop the remaining chicken wey dey pot before my sisters finish it 😀
God bless you!! 😉



  1. kingsley says:

    Babe you actually did what other people have done and will continue doing: comment. The difference is that yours is longer, positive and probably less sentimental from a point of view. There’s were obviously shorter, materialistic and it was posted on twitter.
    Money is the root of few evils that end up blowing into something bigger.


  2. Arcmec says:

    i dnt even knw what to say
    i think Kingsley is right yu did criticize bt it is constructive seeing that yu understood that people should always mind their business
    and on the contrary i dnt see anything wrong in letting people knw hw yu feel about them which they may nt accept at first but will think over them and make use of them some day
    so Linda is blessed nt jst that she has money bt that ppl see it necessary to share thier views of her
    Ify i bet yu Linda likes the Gossip about her
    And one day yu too will enjoy that….


    • thefemaleigboarchitect says:

      i understand but do you think that she doesn’t know all these things people are saying already? we don’t know her, so we shouldn’t judge or say negative things about something we don’t understand lol and yes i think there is even a possibility that she’s enjoying the talk sef..


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