Seed up!


Hey lovers, today’s read is totally going to blow your minds 💨💨
As you all know, I had been cracking my head about my purpose until I had the “little spark” epiphany. (“epiphany”is not a big english word oo 😓….ok wait, You know that moment, when the light bulb comes up in your head and everything suddenly makes sense :idea:. eh heh.. i know u know it na. hehehe). Check it out, its called 

little sparks

Anyway, back to today’s agenda. First question, please who likes chilling? Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you like getting up in the morning to do absolutely nothing and watching tv till your eyes pop out (for me its korean series..don’t hate😌). Please I do oo. In fact, my full name is Ijeoma Ashley “Chilling” Unachukwu. (Ashley ke?…na who give me English name?… Mum says I have been blessed with two Igbo names…*sighs* ..thanks mum 😤).

However, innate in each and everyone of us is a command given at conception: “Be fruitful“. I heard those words today and it made more sense than when I was a kid in Sunday school thinking of how to use my 20 naira offering to buy ice cream (I am not ashamed, I was a child and i refused to be judged 🚶🏽)

Let me amplify the meaning of those words for you:

Be useful, be productive, be relevant, now…today…not tomorrow…Don’t fight it …don’t wait for it…just be it…its already in you…”

Now the interesting part, the word, “fruit“, implies the existence of a seed right? Thus, to yield fruit, you must nurture and care for the seed right? (answer me na…hehehe). Isn’t it funny how everybody wants to be fruitful without tending to the seed💅🏾 (smh..magicians*). You see, if you listen carefully, inherent in the command is a subtle hint to nurture the seed buried within. This is a process, you can’t skip. The problem is, we don’t even pay adequate attention to ourselves to know what the seed is. It is a proven fact that 70% of the earths’population do not know who they are (ok, so I just made that up…who cares? it could be true :roll:).

To be honest, sometimes, I think we are just too restless. We will rather spend time with the whole world than spend time with ourselves. (Ouch! but its true. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather whatsapp, face book, “instagram” or even send sloppy messages to “bae” all day?…*sips lipton*☕️ know yourself…heheh)

Guys, getting to discover who you are is good business. Notice I said,”discover”? Well, its because all that you will ever be, you already are in another form. You just need to nurture it and enjoy the process.

For example, the beautiful young lady I am today was once a hideous looking child🙊 ( yes i admit i was not the finest. lets move on 🚶🏽). My point is, the lady was already in the child. She just needed care and attention.

I know we’ve learnt to adapt in such a noisy world, but if you would take sometime to “retract into yourself“, to look within and not without, you’ll marvel at your creator’s prowess. If you’d be still for just a moment, you would realize you have a voice, your own voice…and its beautiful, do you know why? cos its yours…

Do you know what happens when you don’t know who you are? People begin to think they know you more than you do.

Let me give you small gist as my fellow amebos and konkonsahs 😈.  Some years ago, I reconnected with a High school class mate (To be honest, I was so happy. I felt like God had finally sent my bae..hehehe.. ladies you know the feeling na..) However, after chatting with this guy for somedays, he presumptuously felt he knew me. While we were chatting one day, he said, “Ij, I know you through and through…you are so soft …like bread” 😂😂 (I almost died of laughter that night…Nigerian guys have killed me … soft like bread really? brother please, do not be fooled eee, you do not know me…)🍞

Lovers, I know you think you are ordinary, I know you’ve stopped dreaming, you’ve thrown in the towel in readiness to live a boring stereotypical life. Let me tell you something, when you go the supermarket, there are often two kinds of fruits displayed: seedless fruits and fruits with seed, but guess what? you can’t tell the difference until you look inside

Give yourself a chance for Christ’s sake! You may be weird, some may even go as far as calling you crazy…It just means you ain’t ordinary! So go ahead, plant yourself like seeds. It’s your season Babyyyy…


7 thoughts on “Seed up!

  1. Dela Ogbemudia says:

    This is Just Lovely mummy Ij (free flow of thoughts… We need more of that these days), I love it! Really impressed and really proud of u! Keep it up!


  2. Arcmec says:

    As i read i felt very much personality in this piece of work its honest and inspiring as well
    yu knw i can also say i knw yu nt soft as bread thou …
    bt soft in a perspective nd extremely hard in another perspective
    Pls dnt crucify me..


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