Intro music please!! *donjazzy’s adoabi* *catwalks into blog* lol!
Goodafternoon girlies!! How beautiful are you right now? 😉 i know right? Hehehe just messing around, hope we are all good though. Awesome.
Soooooo, I have been natural for one month now and I already have gist piled up. Believe me when I say that I have seen enough these past few weeks (good and bad) and they have all made me a more confident person. It also made me understand that it is only real friends that stay through change especially when it is a major change. Cutting my hair and going natural not only made me feel liberated and more grateful for life, it also opened my eyes to alot of things about myself.


I’m going to share with you what i have experienced these past few weeks though sooo, let’s gist..(p.s i’m being really distracted right now because i’m trying to watch glee and type on my tablet at the same time 😦 )
The first and most annoying one was thr negative comments..omggg…
“Ewwww..what kind of hair colour is that? Go and dye it please” (i actually have brown hair that somehow manages to have red highlights under the sun)
“Why did you cut your hair? You look like a small girl”
“if i was your boyfriend i will dash you out on olx” (yes ooo someone actually said that..and i was this close to slapping the beards off his face)
“so , you really did it? You don’t have sense o”
You know one thing? A queen knows what she wants and her happiness is actually hers! I amazed myself because honestly i usually don’t do good with negative comments but all through all that i was strong and happy! 🙂
So, right about now, i’m immune to negative talk and all it does is just make me laugh and happy.
Honestly, all i needed was support from my family, Chuka, Chioma, Chinenye, Chinonso and Hope (my closest friends!! Boo is first ;)) but mostly, support from myself and God and i had it all! 🙂 So! *incase you can’t see, i’m flipping off the negative people* lol!
The second experience was keeping my hair moist all the time. I just realised that all my hair needs is constant moisture and i just give it to her. That’s how i have been able to manage keep my hair comfortably. I even styled it one time with Hope’s help and i rocked it for two weeks. Then a negative human came again and told me it made me look “boyish”..lmao. These past few weeks have given me hope that my hair and I are going to have so much fun till we part.


Thirdly, i realised that Honey is awesome for my hair. Every morning after a bath, I spray with my water and olive oil spritz, then apply coconut oil and then seal in the moisture with shea butter. So, on one morning after i applied shea butter, i was looking for my comb on the dinning table and saw a bottle of honey grandpa bought for us and i just put a little on my palms and applied it to my hair. I found my comb, combed my hair and put on my head scarf. I couldn’t believe how soft and moisturised my hair was the next morning. I didn’t really do much, i just applied coconut oil and i was on my way. Alot of people might not be comfortable with the honey scent but its good for the hair apparently.
Finally, i love head wraps! But i don’t know where to get good ones for small money 😀 Natural hair is fun! Lol
Keep yourself beautiful ladies, no one will do it for you. You are your own woman! 🙂



  1. heyymsgoldiee says:

    Wow I never thought about putting honey in my hair. I use it with an oatmeal face mask I make with is really nice and leaves your face soft. But I need to try the honey for the hair!!! I believe all the negativity you are receive can only make up stronger depending on how you react to it! I hope you will overcome! Be blessed! : )


  2. Uby says:

    Great! Just cut mine…hoping the journey’ll be as fun. Yep…the -ve people are always there…they motivate you to be more…


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