Happy Saturday pretty ladies. Hope you are all doing great today? We are back with another topic on makeup.
Last time we talked about the fundamental things you need to have flawless make up by yourself. Have we bought them? Great!

We’ll be talking about makeup brushes and their uses today 😀 yayy! Some of us might think we do not need the brushes but I want you all to know that the secret to a clean makeup look is a good brush. So back to the matter!!!;)
I’ll be giving us the basic makeup brushes and their basic uses. We have:

1. The foundation brush: just as the name implies it is used to apply foundation on the face.

2. Concealer/angle brush: use to apply concealer beneath and above the brows after drawing them. You can also use it to apply gel or liquid eye liner.

3. Powder brush: we use this to apply powder to the face after applying the foundation.

4. Blush brush: to apply blush or bronzer. Blush on the cheeks and bronzer for highlighting (will explain this later).

5. Spoolie brush/mascara wand: we use this to set the eyebrows in the desired direction.

6. Eye shadow brush: to apply eye shadow on the eyelids.

7. Blending brush: this is use to blend out edges and visible demarcations or lines when applying eye shadow to give it a clean and smooth finish.

8. Lip brush: to apply lipstick or lip color to the lips. You can use this to apply eye shadow primer on the eyelids before applying eye shadow.

9. Brow comb: to comb the brows when grooming.

10. Fan brush: to remove hair on the face after grooming the eyebrows and to clean excess eye shadow on the face after applying eye shadow.


And that’s it for today. More are yet to come just hang on and enjoy your weekend ladies.
Remember! Looking good is a good thing that should be taken seriously and flawless makeup is a good step. 🙂


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