Foundation and Powder Applicaton

My pretties!!! It’s another makeup day and am here with another makeup technique… By the way hope we all had a lovely week cause it’s the weekend and it’s time to let loose, chill and catch some fun… Hope we all practiced drawing our brows, eye shadow and lip application techniques??? Alright back to our topic for today.

First and foremost we’ll start with the makeup tools we need.

1. Foundation: get a foundation that matches your skin tone/color. It’s always advisable to test it on your hand preferably the back of your palm or on your jaw line just above the neck to make sure it blends well into your skin color. Preferable products marykay,Tara the makeup,and Mac.

2. Foundation primer

3. Foundation brush

4. Powder: Tara the makeup, sleek,Iman,marykay etc. Same shade with your skin color or a shade lighter.

5. Powder brush.


1. Mix the foundation and foundation primer on the back of your palm or makeup palette if you have one or you can apply the foundation primer on your face using the foundation brush then apply the foundation next using the same brush. But it’s always advisable to mix both first.

2. Apply the mixture to your face. Always be careful not to ruin your eyebrows, lip or eye shadow. Brush backwards towards the ears, hair line and neck.

3. Apply powder with the powder brush for a finished look.

Viola!!! There you have it your simple makeup look. Stay tuned for a complete pro makeup look… Make sure you PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!!… Enjoy the weekend!!! Ciao…




Let’s Meet Muoma Ekpe


Muoma Ekpe is an undergraduate in Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Portharcourt, Rivers State.  She is the first child of her parents and used to be my classmate in secondary school *adjusts collar* that’s right, I know some fine and talented girls 😛 . For as long as I can remember, Muoma has always been an artist and there was to going around it. Simply put, she is a born artist. She has decided to inspire us all with her work  (more like I pushed her towards it..hey! don’t judge 😀 )

Let’s meet her!

Q: What inspired you to go into Fine and Applied Art?
A: Well,  I would say that I was inspired by the feeling of self expression. Most times we would want to express ourselves in so many ways but for one reason or the other, we are stopped
Q: We understand you are on your Industrial Training. How are you finding it?
A: Very true. I’m on my I.T.
At first, I found it tiring, very expensive but as time went on,  I was able to access depths into the “Art world”  which is so amazing
Q: What is the most challenging aspect of the Fine Art field? what’s the most rewarding?
A: The most challenging aspect of the Art field is actually finding people who appreciate art although that’s not really a problem if you’re in the right place. Another challenge is the cost of the Art materials. They’re really expensive… But it’s definitely worth it because when you sell your artwork, you get back your money for your materials and still have a lot to spend… A lot ! And that’s your benefit… Except You don’t sell it at a good price.
Q: What do you expect to get out of this program? What job do you hope to get?
A: Uhhh … I hope to come out with a first class as one of the two people in my department on that level.
I hope to get retained as a lecturer in school.. According to the school policy.. But I won’t stay for Long as I have other plans for my life.  Besides that.. I hope to continue producing artworks and selling them  cos the cost of two art works sold might equate someone’s salary for four months. That’s my job. Lol
Q: How do you view your future given your education choices?
A: I see my future as being stable all round.
Q: What inspires your work as a fine artist in view?
A:Mostly women who lack a voice.  I remember being discouraged on my choice of course saying it’s a man’s work but I stood my ground and ensured I passed a message through my works.
Q: What are you involved with outside the classroom?
A:Outside the classroom? Lol.  Just Ministry (Gospel Pillars Ministry) and Ministering (Gospel artiste)
Q: What advice will you give students considering the field?
A: My advice to them is that they shouldn’t get discouraged.  It’s actually worth it.. Every bit of it. You get to do what ever you want,  you’re not tied to a particular thing.  All you need is Just constant practice,  determination and proper time planning.
Q: In what way do you think your work has touched or can touch the lives of people who view them?
A: Well,  for people who view my work,  I think it kind of awakens the artist hidden in them in the sense that they are being reminded about their pasts on how they use to draw very well and plan on going or they’re being challenged to achieve greater heights in art being I’m a lady and seeing the level I’ve attained. Both ways.
Here are a few of her wonderful art works!
I’m going to say what I said the first time I saw these works.
See what my age mate is doing 😐 Lol don’t mind me.
It is obvious that Muoma knows where she’s going and has a statement she is making with her works which very similar to what we are all about here on GirlUp n Walk.
Giving women a voice!
Thank you Muoma for letting us meet you today and we pray God gives you more will to continue to show forth his glory through your works!
You can find her on facebook here.
P.S None of these photos should be used on any website or forum without permission from the blog.
If you know anyone who you know that we will be happy to meet, let us know via e-mail
Have a wonderful week!!!
– thefemaleigboarchitect


Hello ladies,darlings,dearies,lovelies :* ;)… I can keep going but have to stop here for now. Hope you are all good because am feeling awesomely good this morning *winks*.

Did we try  the eye shadow look??? And hope we are close to perfecting our brows. Always remember to PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! :D… Ok ladies, today we’ll be focusing on the lips. How to get those wonderful, attractive, sexy lips…

Please we must all remember that makeup is different from skin care. They are two different things. If you take care of your skin then you are 100% guaranteed of a very flawless and perfect makeup like that of the nollywood veteran actress Monalisa Chinda and many others. Good skin care comes with a flawless look even without makeup.

Alright, let’s get down to business. The way we make our lips look when we are on makeup can either draw good or bad attention and I know we all do not want the bad/wrong attention so let’s get to know the right way to apply lipstick or lip gloss.

First, get a good lipstick/lip gloss and please if you have full lips stay away from shiny and bright lipsticks and lip stains/gloss.

Secondly, get a good lip liner(s), any color but make sure it matches your choice of lipstick. For those new to makeup I prefer you use same color of lip liner and lipstick because if you use different colors you’ll have to blend them properly getting rid of visible defined lines. A well blended lip with a different lip liner and lipstick should look like this just in case we wish to try it.


Finally, get a lip brush (optional). You can apply it the normal way you do but make sure it’s neat.


1. Prep your lip with little concealer same shade with your skin.

2. Line your upper and lower lip with the lip liner. Please if you have full lips make sure you line the inner part of your lip do not line edges just the inner natural lining.

3. Apply your lipstick and dab carefully.

4. That’s all. Just do the finishing touch to your look.

Please remember my posts for now are basic. It’ll be a step by step post on how to apply makeup for those that are just learning. Thanks!!! More tips are yet to come for my advanced and professional ladies.

Have a lovely weekend ladies and make sure y’all keep practicing. Your lips should look like this when you’re done.



Hello there wonderful ladies. Name is Anita Amaka and I’m here for you.(Yes you). I’m here to remind you how lucky you are to be a woman, very lucky indeed. This is because you’re one of the loveliest creatures God ever designed (not just made oh but designed) 😀 .I’m sure you know the difference btw locally made and designers,lol 😉 . I’m here to also discuss things that will enlighten you, empower you, educate you, & encourage you to be that beautiful you God designed. Now you must agree with me that in this male dominated world we live in, it’s sometimes difficult to be you as a woman without fear of intimidation.

I heard or read somewhere  that it’s hard to be a woman because you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse.

Funny but that’s the whole truth; it’s what the society expects from us and ‘cuz God made us unique, we can do all that and more, only when we believe & have faith in ourselves that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Now what I’m saying is this, first, you should believe in God and know that with him all things are possible. Then as a woman, you should be able to think hard and deep. You should be able to think out things that can change or make a difference in the world not necessarily the world at large but at least in someone’s world. This is “thinking like a man”. It’s not only men that have world-changing ‘thinking faculties’, Men and women are created by the same God so you  can do better. Don’t forget “what a man can do, a woman can do better.”
To act like a lady, well one of the dictionary meanings of the word ‘Lady’ is “a woman of refinement and gentle manners “. Another says “awoman who behaves in a polite way”. So when you are asked to act like a lady, I’m sure you know what is required of you. An improved version of you with polite and gentle manners.  Yes I know there are so many trials and temptations that seeks to disrupt our lovely lives, thereby causing us to act in an unladylike manner, but trust me dearie, with self-control, you can be able to act gently towards them. Know that when the world sees you as a lady, they will handle you with care and respect.
Look like a young girl.  Wow! Tough huh? I know, you know, but nobody else knows this except us. So try as hard as you can to look young for your own self love and crush and all the selfie stuff. lol. One of the ways you can achieve this is through your dressing. “The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed ” Don’t go dressing in see-through and skimpy clothes o, hmmm that one has its own term and it is not looking good and young. Wear clothes that will make you feel good and comfortable. You can also look young when you eat good food that nourishes your body and again taking good care of your precious skin with good skin care products helps.
Finally, work like a horse. Hmmm! first of all, a horse is considered to be a very strong animal. It is used for carrying loads, pulling things, riding and racing. In other words, a horse carries a lot of weight on its shoulders just like us women. We are very strong creatures even though the term ‘delicate’ is used for us. Working harder than a horse and carrying so much weight on our shoulders is not a new thing. It is expected of us to be strong and hardworking and we are.

You are! Don’t think or accept otherwise. As a student, graduate with good results. When working, be the best in your field, even when you have to combine school or work with family, know that you are strong and unique.
Just keep thanking God that you’re a woman because you’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re valuable, you’re virtuous, you’re loved and you’re fearfully and wonderfully made.
Keep these in mind till I come around next time.


It’s not easy being me,

Because every day I try to be you,

Being you looks so easy,

So the aspiration to change came so easily.

But the effort I make to be as flawless and as perfect as you isn’t so easy

It’s grueling.

It’s stressful.

It’s hard.

And at the end of the day, I look at myself

Happy that I’m starting to be perfect just like you.

But sometimes, when I am not awe struck and dazed by your perfection,

I realize…

I realize the truth:

That the closer I am to being you,

The farther away I am from being myself.

That I can never be you

I can only be myself,

I love myself,

I can improve myself.

But I cannot make myself into something or someone that is not me.

But the awe sets in again,

I’m hypnotized by your perfection,

We’re all hypnotized by your perfection.

We want it so we convince ourselves that we need it

That we need you,

That we need to be you.

I’m so close to being you

So close, yet so far away.

Which do I choose: the me I have always the been

Or the me that will look just like you?

I want to choose me,

But me looks so unappealing

So I guess it’s you;

I choose you.

But I’m bummed out

So I choose myself

And I am more bummed out.



Hello everyone! Been a while shaa. How are we? Hope we went to church o, because you know nau 😉

Alright! Today’s topic is a touchy and sensitive one and we are going to talk about it because I feel that most people and even the people who have asked to be identified as feminists don’t understand what It means.


Let’s do a quick test. When you hear the word “feminist” what really comes to mind? And why?

Before I really got to understand feminism for what it is, I was really scared by the feminists I saw around me. Let me put it this way, whenever I see most women who call themselves feminists and activists, the words ‘violent’ and ‘radical’ comes to mind. I mean why is it called feminism when most of them are just trying to be men.

Women are very different from men that’s why even the words used to describe our perculiarities are different.

FEMALE               MALE


FEMME                HOMME

FEMINISM          ???????

See what I did there? 😀 I’m smart aren’t I?

So, before we proceed with the “what I think about it” part, let’s pause to define the words “feminism” and “feminist”

Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment – Encyclopedia

A Feminist is someone who believes in the radical notion that women are people – Urban Dictionary

These words were originally used to simply define feminine qualities or character. It was used to describe women who were “womanly”.


Ahem! *smoothes down skirt, sits down on couch, crosses legs and clamps hands* Here’s what I think about feminism.

I think Feminism has been misunderstood (mostly by the men) because when people hear the word “equality”, their brains quickly switch to the Adam and Eve story in defense where God said, the woman is to be a helpmate to Adam while he tills the ground. The word “equality” in this context, is not about women abandoning their children at home in a bid to work for money and mean something. The word “equality” simply means “plain grounds”.

“Feminism is not about wearing the jockstraps and shorts with the men, it’s about embracing your femininity – thefemaleigboarchitect”

It’s simply a movement to make a greater population of the world to see women as human beings first and not objects for reproduction. In other words, let a woman get or lose a job because she passed or failed the interview as a human being. It’s simply a movement to prevent preference or discrimination because I am female. I think that feminism is a movement to prevent laying 80% of the blame in a rape incident on a rape victim simply because she’s female. It is a movement that gives me an A or an F because I either did well in my tests or I failed my tests.

I also think many females think feminism is overrated because a lot of them enjoy being treated the way they are treated and most even encourage it because, in their words life is easier without feminism and they don’t really have to work to get what they want. These same females would be the ones probably begging to mean something later in life after they jam the concept of self-discovery.

“Ehn! You have no problem na, you’re a girl. Just enter the office and smile” Smh…laughable isn’t it?

“Let’s just pass them and let them graduate, after all, they will end up in a man’s house and the certificate will waste”..silly

I think many people make the concept of feminism sound like terrorism or an abomination. What these people don’t know is that, more than half of them are actually feminists. It’s simple, you just have to believe that women should be treated as humans and be given equal opportunities…shikena! Ya a feminist.

Finally, what I think about feminism is that women don’t have to act masculine or raise their voices violently in arguments with men to prove their worth or importance. I think feminism is about embracing and appreciating women as humans who are different in their own way just as men are. I think people, mostly the males are feeling intimidated for nothing. I think it’s something the world should do together because, it not only helps the females, it helps the males even more.


Well, they say that when a large number of people do a particular thing that is wrong, it becomes right. I am not sure the concept is understood yet so I’m playing safe 😀 I should be a feminist, shouldn’t I? I think I should be one but I’m too cautious :P..shaa this is talk for another day too.

Alright! Let me get back to my movie 😀 Da Vinci’s Demons 😛 No chicken this Sunday sha :(…issorai..

See y’all next Sunday though..

Oops..I almost forgot, I want use the opportunity to thank those of us that have been diligently reading and contributing to our posts, those of us who have been sharing and finally to those who went as far as subscribing. Chukwu gozie unu! God bless you all!

Our new comers, please comment, like and share with your friends, God will only bless you if you do that o 😛



Eye MakeUp Techniques

Happy weekend ladies!!! It’s another beautiful makeup evening and it’s all about the eyes today… Yaaaayyyy!!! Before I forget, hope we all made an attempt to draw our brows? Ok, let’s get serious!!!

This week’s post is about our eyes,knowing the different parts of the eye and eye shadow application.

First, the different parts of the eye are:
1. The lid: this consists of the inner,middle and outer lid.

2. The crease

3. The brow bone

4. The lash line: this is made up of the lower and upper lash line. The lower lash line consists of the inner and outer lash line.

5. The lower and upper lashes

6. The lower and upper water line.

Let us take a look at the pic below for a visual guide.(pic)

Having known the different parts of the eye let’s move to the steps  for eye shadow application.


1. Prep your eyes with a concealer that is same with your skin(this is optional)

2. Apply eye shadow primer to your eye lids (make sure you do not apply much and do not extend the eye lid)

3. Apply eye shadow starting with the inner lid usually with a light color.

4. Apply eye shadow to the middle lid usually a shade darker than that on the inner lid or same color  used on the inner.

5. Apply eye shadow on the outer lid usually with the darkest shade of eye shadow.

6. Blend carefully making sure there are no defined lines. Blend the eye shadow at the outer lid into the crease(make sure the eye shadow on the crease is lighter than that at the outer)

7. Line the lower water line with your eyeliner(preferably black)

8. Line the upper lash line with your black gel or liquid liner from the inner to outer lash line(optional).

9. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. clean any mess created with your cotton bud.

10. Apply eye shadow to the brow bone for highlight (use a gold eye shadow if you are just learning) make sure you apply little and blend properly towards the crease.

And there you have it, your very own eye shadow look. Since some of us are still learning I gave us the basic steps so we do not get confused will give more tips with time.

Remember practice makes perfect!!!… Enjoy the weekend ladies!!! Ciao!!!

– Mercy


Dad, its me…Are you asleep? Can we talk? I promise it won’t be long. I think I’ve hit rock bottom…again… I killed a man today… please let me explain…

“I killed a man today

Oh yes I really did

And for the smallest pay

though with unflinching speed

All for your gain I pray

Oh dad let me explain…

 It was quick it was brief

 just for my soul’s relief

 no need for needless sentiments

 or filthy arguments

 and though I sound insane

 I’d gladly be in chains

 than go down memory lane

I killed him in the open

where prying eyes could see

too old to care what happened

he gave me his soul’s key

And though a murderer’s deal

I’d kill again with plea

All for your souls release

oh dad let me explain…

Although just like the Flash

I saw your face at last

hands beckoning to come

robes stripped from sorrows claws

Tears streaming down my eyes

That voice whispering to me twice

No need to mourn for me

cos heaven knows i’m free”

Dear God give him mum’s kiss

Tell him his smiles I miss

And Tutu’s fully grown

his sons are not alone

while farewell we may bid

we’ll let our sorrow bleed

but for our transient meet

I’d kill in a heart beat.

Some days ago, I remember staring intensely at an aged man in the mall. And within a second, I planned his shortest death just to see dad’s face again. The plan was to convince the old man to lease me the remainder of his years . Don’t judge me, It didn’t seem like he had any need for it at the moment. I mean, this man had practically seen all that there was to see in life while Dad? he hadn’t seen my children, little rascal Ijs’ and Anthonys’ making me crazy, (pardon me, In my head, my husband’s name is going to be Anthony Smith), he hadn’t seen his doctor Tutu, he hadn’t seen his sons taking over this world. So call me a murderer, in fact a killer I may be but I won’t kill him for long. Tis jus to see dad once.

This is dedicated to you my lovers, all those who have worn sorrow’s shoes and ran the race with grace. I pray to be like you someday. But for those of you like me, who are still a mess and can’t breathe, know you are not alone.

The Perfect Eyebrows

It’s another lovely Sunday evening beautiful ladies!!! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend? Well I have decided to make today’s post to be about eyebrows because am tired of seeing careless brows on beautiful ladies. It’s time for the first “how to do your makeup” tutorial. I know some people cannot wait to learn.

Ok here we go… First and first let’s start with a quote from a well respected makeup artist “Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look” -Kevin Aucoin. This my lovelies is so true cause if you know your face shape you’ll know the right brows to have on your face. By the way we all had that perfect brow as babies but as we grow into adulthood we need to trim them to our natural brow look to fit our face shape. So let’s take a look at this pic

Look at the pic carefully then look at the mirror and try to identify your face shape. Have you seen yours? Perfect! Now you know the brows that’ll fit your face shape so trim them to perfection and pls if you cannot do it on your own get help from a friend or anyone you know can do that well. On to the next one…
To draw your brows you’ll need:
1. Eyebrow pencil (dark brown or black)
2. Mascara wand or spoolie
3. Angle brush
4. Two concealers(a shade lighter than your skin and a shade that matches your skin) You can use foundation to improvise.
– using the mascara wand brush your already trimmed brow in the direction of growth.
– using your brow pencil( preferably the one that blends into your skin easily) draw a line starting from the inner corner just directly beneath the brows following the direction of growth to the outer corner with tiny lines, do the same at the top(make sure the lower and upper lines meet at the outer corner). Next try to elongate the brows very slightly beyond the outer edges.
– fill in the brows with your pencil or brow filler and then using your mascara wand brush out any defined lines at the inner corner backwards.
– using your angle brush take the concealer that is a shade lighter and highlight just beneath the brow line making sure you do not clean the brows, do the same at the top with the concealer the shade of your skin.
– finally blend out the concealers getting rid of obvious concealer lines(always be careful not to ruin the brows).
And there you have it!!! Your very own brows. More practice and you’ll be perfect… Well am very understanding and considerate so I’ll leave you with a pic to guide you.Good night!!!



Hey everyone! 😀 Happy Sunday. Hope we went to church oh! Remember that the church is the best place to catch le

Alright, yesterday evening, I was surfing the web as usual and I don’t know how it happened, but I started with articles on Natural Hair Care and ended up in poems on female empowerment (i’m a surfer like that. sometimes I end up on my own site). I am not really a fan of poetry but I have only come across two awesome poems that blew my mind and forced me to think about who I am and who I really want to be. The first is “A WOMAN’S QUESTION” by Lena Lathrop which my friend Ijeoma Unachukwu and I would be reviewing soon and then the second is “WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS” by 17-year-old Savannah Brown and that’s what I will be reviewing today. The poem was actually a response to a silly, controversial video created on Vine by a certain young man and his friends about what guys look for in a girl. Here’s a part of the poem:

Click here to download the three minute video of the poem

“When I first learned that nobody can love me more than me, a world of happiness previously unseen was discovered because somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and time, I was taught to despise myself. But I made sure I kept myself beautiful so someone would love me someday so I could belong to someone someday because that’s the most important thing a  little girl could want right?

I was thirteen the first time I was embarrassed about my body of course it may not be the last and I remember stuffing my bra in the morning, tears stinging my eyes hoping, praying to something that I could look beautiful enough today braces and all for the ruthless boys who mercilessly told me I was worthless because boobs weren’t big enough

And I will go home and put on a sweatshirt with my eyes closed, deny myself the right to be showing myself because I didn’t dare want to insinuate beauty in regards to something so insulting as my body. But it think we all end up with our heads in between our knees because the only place we will ever really feel safe, Is curled up inside skin weave been taught to hate by a society that shuns our awful confidence and feeds us our own flaws and sometimes when I need to meet the me that loves me, I can’t find her or remind her that the mirror is meant to be curse so I confine her in my mind but when he or she shouts let me out, we are allowed to listen…..”

I must say that I am amazed at the fact that a 17-year-old could really say all that and make so much sense. There used to be a time, not so long ago that I felt so insecure about my body and I wanted to look good so much so that I would at least get some attention from people because I felt invisible to the rest of the world even to my reflection in the mirror. I felt so flawed and imperfect and I hated my whole being for it. It got worse when someone asked me “Ify, why don’t you have hips?”  I was irritated and annoyed at that stupid question but I just couldn’t do anything about it because I used to ask myself the same question.

The society at large has created her own definition of beautiful, sexy and hot.

Women now define themselves and measure their self-worth by vain numbers and sizes.

There is no uniqueness because every girl wants to look like every other girl.

Every day, and even now as we speak, more and more stereotypes are being mass produced in homes, hospitals, gyms, salons and tattoo shops.


How do we let ourselves know that beauty is unique and can only be fully defined by it’s owner? Why do we let people determine how we look or dress or even eat? Why should social acceptance be the diesel that fuels our whole being? Why can’t we just do it simply because we want to or because it makes us happy?

It’s quite unfortunate that it will take several years of constant brain re-washing to correct the society’s mistake but it can take a few words to prevent thousands of ladies from self-destruction. Take it upon yourself to help that lady who is drowning beside you. Save your siblings, spouses, friends or that dormant contact on your phone by sharing this. Let’s fight the society before our own children are born into this madness.


Save that lost lady and share this post.

Save that soul before it’s lost completely.

You, yes you! The beautiful girl reading this, You Are Your Own Woman…never forget that.

– thefemaleigboarchitect