Dad, its me…Are you asleep? Can we talk? I promise it won’t be long. I think I’ve hit rock bottom…again… I killed a man today… please let me explain…

“I killed a man today

Oh yes I really did

And for the smallest pay

though with unflinching speed

All for your gain I pray

Oh dad let me explain…

 It was quick it was brief

 just for my soul’s relief

 no need for needless sentiments

 or filthy arguments

 and though I sound insane

 I’d gladly be in chains

 than go down memory lane

I killed him in the open

where prying eyes could see

too old to care what happened

he gave me his soul’s key

And though a murderer’s deal

I’d kill again with plea

All for your souls release

oh dad let me explain…

Although just like the Flash

I saw your face at last

hands beckoning to come

robes stripped from sorrows claws

Tears streaming down my eyes

That voice whispering to me twice

No need to mourn for me

cos heaven knows i’m free”

Dear God give him mum’s kiss

Tell him his smiles I miss

And Tutu’s fully grown

his sons are not alone

while farewell we may bid

we’ll let our sorrow bleed

but for our transient meet

I’d kill in a heart beat.

Some days ago, I remember staring intensely at an aged man in the mall. And within a second, I planned his shortest death just to see dad’s face again. The plan was to convince the old man to lease me the remainder of his years . Don’t judge me, It didn’t seem like he had any need for it at the moment. I mean, this man had practically seen all that there was to see in life while Dad? he hadn’t seen my children, little rascal Ijs’ and Anthonys’ making me crazy, (pardon me, In my head, my husband’s name is going to be Anthony Smith), he hadn’t seen his doctor Tutu, he hadn’t seen his sons taking over this world. So call me a murderer, in fact a killer I may be but I won’t kill him for long. Tis jus to see dad once.

This is dedicated to you my lovers, all those who have worn sorrow’s shoes and ran the race with grace. I pray to be like you someday. But for those of you like me, who are still a mess and can’t breathe, know you are not alone.


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