The Perfect Eyebrows

It’s another lovely Sunday evening beautiful ladies!!! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend? Well I have decided to make today’s post to be about eyebrows because am tired of seeing careless brows on beautiful ladies. It’s time for the first “how to do your makeup” tutorial. I know some people cannot wait to learn.

Ok here we go… First and first let’s start with a quote from a well respected makeup artist “Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look” -Kevin Aucoin. This my lovelies is so true cause if you know your face shape you’ll know the right brows to have on your face. By the way we all had that perfect brow as babies but as we grow into adulthood we need to trim them to our natural brow look to fit our face shape. So let’s take a look at this pic

Look at the pic carefully then look at the mirror and try to identify your face shape. Have you seen yours? Perfect! Now you know the brows that’ll fit your face shape so trim them to perfection and pls if you cannot do it on your own get help from a friend or anyone you know can do that well. On to the next one…
To draw your brows you’ll need:
1. Eyebrow pencil (dark brown or black)
2. Mascara wand or spoolie
3. Angle brush
4. Two concealers(a shade lighter than your skin and a shade that matches your skin) You can use foundation to improvise.
– using the mascara wand brush your already trimmed brow in the direction of growth.
– using your brow pencil( preferably the one that blends into your skin easily) draw a line starting from the inner corner just directly beneath the brows following the direction of growth to the outer corner with tiny lines, do the same at the top(make sure the lower and upper lines meet at the outer corner). Next try to elongate the brows very slightly beyond the outer edges.
– fill in the brows with your pencil or brow filler and then using your mascara wand brush out any defined lines at the inner corner backwards.
– using your angle brush take the concealer that is a shade lighter and highlight just beneath the brow line making sure you do not clean the brows, do the same at the top with the concealer the shade of your skin.
– finally blend out the concealers getting rid of obvious concealer lines(always be careful not to ruin the brows).
And there you have it!!! Your very own brows. More practice and you’ll be perfect… Well am very understanding and considerate so I’ll leave you with a pic to guide you.Good night!!!



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