Eye MakeUp Techniques

Happy weekend ladies!!! It’s another beautiful makeup evening and it’s all about the eyes today… Yaaaayyyy!!! Before I forget, hope we all made an attempt to draw our brows? Ok, let’s get serious!!!

This week’s post is about our eyes,knowing the different parts of the eye and eye shadow application.

First, the different parts of the eye are:
1. The lid: this consists of the inner,middle and outer lid.

2. The crease

3. The brow bone

4. The lash line: this is made up of the lower and upper lash line. The lower lash line consists of the inner and outer lash line.

5. The lower and upper lashes

6. The lower and upper water line.

Let us take a look at the pic below for a visual guide.(pic)

Having known the different parts of the eye let’s move to the steps  for eye shadow application.


1. Prep your eyes with a concealer that is same with your skin(this is optional)

2. Apply eye shadow primer to your eye lids (make sure you do not apply much and do not extend the eye lid)

3. Apply eye shadow starting with the inner lid usually with a light color.

4. Apply eye shadow to the middle lid usually a shade darker than that on the inner lid or same color  used on the inner.

5. Apply eye shadow on the outer lid usually with the darkest shade of eye shadow.

6. Blend carefully making sure there are no defined lines. Blend the eye shadow at the outer lid into the crease(make sure the eye shadow on the crease is lighter than that at the outer)

7. Line the lower water line with your eyeliner(preferably black)

8. Line the upper lash line with your black gel or liquid liner from the inner to outer lash line(optional).

9. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. clean any mess created with your cotton bud.

10. Apply eye shadow to the brow bone for highlight (use a gold eye shadow if you are just learning) make sure you apply little and blend properly towards the crease.

And there you have it, your very own eye shadow look. Since some of us are still learning I gave us the basic steps so we do not get confused will give more tips with time.

Remember practice makes perfect!!!… Enjoy the weekend ladies!!! Ciao!!!

– Mercy


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