Hello ladies,darlings,dearies,lovelies :* ;)… I can keep going but have to stop here for now. Hope you are all good because am feeling awesomely good this morning *winks*.

Did we try  the eye shadow look??? And hope we are close to perfecting our brows. Always remember to PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! :D… Ok ladies, today we’ll be focusing on the lips. How to get those wonderful, attractive, sexy lips…

Please we must all remember that makeup is different from skin care. They are two different things. If you take care of your skin then you are 100% guaranteed of a very flawless and perfect makeup like that of the nollywood veteran actress Monalisa Chinda and many others. Good skin care comes with a flawless look even without makeup.

Alright, let’s get down to business. The way we make our lips look when we are on makeup can either draw good or bad attention and I know we all do not want the bad/wrong attention so let’s get to know the right way to apply lipstick or lip gloss.

First, get a good lipstick/lip gloss and please if you have full lips stay away from shiny and bright lipsticks and lip stains/gloss.

Secondly, get a good lip liner(s), any color but make sure it matches your choice of lipstick. For those new to makeup I prefer you use same color of lip liner and lipstick because if you use different colors you’ll have to blend them properly getting rid of visible defined lines. A well blended lip with a different lip liner and lipstick should look like this just in case we wish to try it.


Finally, get a lip brush (optional). You can apply it the normal way you do but make sure it’s neat.


1. Prep your lip with little concealer same shade with your skin.

2. Line your upper and lower lip with the lip liner. Please if you have full lips make sure you line the inner part of your lip do not line edges just the inner natural lining.

3. Apply your lipstick and dab carefully.

4. That’s all. Just do the finishing touch to your look.

Please remember my posts for now are basic. It’ll be a step by step post on how to apply makeup for those that are just learning. Thanks!!! More tips are yet to come for my advanced and professional ladies.

Have a lovely weekend ladies and make sure y’all keep practicing. Your lips should look like this when you’re done.



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