Let’s Meet Muoma Ekpe


Muoma Ekpe is an undergraduate in Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Portharcourt, Rivers State.  She is the first child of her parents and used to be my classmate in secondary school *adjusts collar* that’s right, I know some fine and talented girls 😛 . For as long as I can remember, Muoma has always been an artist and there was to going around it. Simply put, she is a born artist. She has decided to inspire us all with her work  (more like I pushed her towards it..hey! don’t judge 😀 )

Let’s meet her!

Q: What inspired you to go into Fine and Applied Art?
A: Well,  I would say that I was inspired by the feeling of self expression. Most times we would want to express ourselves in so many ways but for one reason or the other, we are stopped
Q: We understand you are on your Industrial Training. How are you finding it?
A: Very true. I’m on my I.T.
At first, I found it tiring, very expensive but as time went on,  I was able to access depths into the “Art world”  which is so amazing
Q: What is the most challenging aspect of the Fine Art field? what’s the most rewarding?
A: The most challenging aspect of the Art field is actually finding people who appreciate art although that’s not really a problem if you’re in the right place. Another challenge is the cost of the Art materials. They’re really expensive… But it’s definitely worth it because when you sell your artwork, you get back your money for your materials and still have a lot to spend… A lot ! And that’s your benefit… Except You don’t sell it at a good price.
Q: What do you expect to get out of this program? What job do you hope to get?
A: Uhhh … I hope to come out with a first class as one of the two people in my department on that level.
I hope to get retained as a lecturer in school.. According to the school policy.. But I won’t stay for Long as I have other plans for my life.  Besides that.. I hope to continue producing artworks and selling them  cos the cost of two art works sold might equate someone’s salary for four months. That’s my job. Lol
Q: How do you view your future given your education choices?
A: I see my future as being stable all round.
Q: What inspires your work as a fine artist in view?
A:Mostly women who lack a voice.  I remember being discouraged on my choice of course saying it’s a man’s work but I stood my ground and ensured I passed a message through my works.
Q: What are you involved with outside the classroom?
A:Outside the classroom? Lol.  Just Ministry (Gospel Pillars Ministry) and Ministering (Gospel artiste)
Q: What advice will you give students considering the field?
A: My advice to them is that they shouldn’t get discouraged.  It’s actually worth it.. Every bit of it. You get to do what ever you want,  you’re not tied to a particular thing.  All you need is Just constant practice,  determination and proper time planning.
Q: In what way do you think your work has touched or can touch the lives of people who view them?
A: Well,  for people who view my work,  I think it kind of awakens the artist hidden in them in the sense that they are being reminded about their pasts on how they use to draw very well and plan on going or they’re being challenged to achieve greater heights in art being I’m a lady and seeing the level I’ve attained. Both ways.
Here are a few of her wonderful art works!
I’m going to say what I said the first time I saw these works.
See what my age mate is doing 😐 Lol don’t mind me.
It is obvious that Muoma knows where she’s going and has a statement she is making with her works which very similar to what we are all about here on GirlUp n Walk.
Giving women a voice!
Thank you Muoma for letting us meet you today and we pray God gives you more will to continue to show forth his glory through your works!
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Have a wonderful week!!!
– thefemaleigboarchitect