Foundation and Powder Applicaton

My pretties!!! It’s another makeup day and am here with another makeup technique… By the way hope we all had a lovely week cause it’s the weekend and it’s time to let loose, chill and catch some fun… Hope we all practiced drawing our brows, eye shadow and lip application techniques??? Alright back to our topic for today.

First and foremost we’ll start with the makeup tools we need.

1. Foundation: get a foundation that matches your skin tone/color. It’s always advisable to test it on your hand preferably the back of your palm or on your jaw line just above the neck to make sure it blends well into your skin color. Preferable products marykay,Tara the makeup,and Mac.

2. Foundation primer

3. Foundation brush

4. Powder: Tara the makeup, sleek,Iman,marykay etc. Same shade with your skin color or a shade lighter.

5. Powder brush.


1. Mix the foundation and foundation primer on the back of your palm or makeup palette if you have one or you can apply the foundation primer on your face using the foundation brush then apply the foundation next using the same brush. But it’s always advisable to mix both first.

2. Apply the mixture to your face. Always be careful not to ruin your eyebrows, lip or eye shadow. Brush backwards towards the ears, hair line and neck.

3. Apply powder with the powder brush for a finished look.

Viola!!! There you have it your simple makeup look. Stay tuned for a complete pro makeup look… Make sure you PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE!!!… Enjoy the weekend!!! Ciao…




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