With her heart rumbling like thunder
Her anxious feet gave way to thud As the sweat dripped down her hardened face

In the beginning so many souls surrounded
Completely oblivious of her own ability
Scared she wouldn’t survive the storm
Totally and in utter lost! …

Made to believe she was less than what she should be
Locked in an imposed closet
They always gathered and talked
Glooming and hovering over the weight of others

Crucially criticizing, smothering, crucifying
Not even aware of her greatness
Living in utter hopelessness and darkness
Engrossed in deep lust and totally lost!

In deep tears and so much pain
She stood and for the first time, she saw the ladder
Staring back at her for invisible ages!
The thought to climb crept in……..

And their voices echoed once more
Hitting the deepest part of her heart…..urgh!!!!
Tearing and ripping it to shreds
She wept!!! And wept!!!……..

In the dark, alone listening to her tears
Her heart screamed
She craved for battle….war!!!..Scared she wondered
Would these battle scars ever fade…….

She took her first steps, baby steps
Looking up the ladder wondering aloud
“Would she ever make it to the top…to the light?”
She cried. They laughed and laughed

Relentless she kept climbing
Cutting away unwanted roots
Creeping all around
She climbed..and climbed…and climbed!

Alone she cried, wiped. Cried again…laughed
Moving on still on her ladder
Cheering herself on! She was her cheerleader…still
She was her biggest fan!!

The journey up was far gone
She smiled!!
Gathering courage and comfort once more

Finally, she knew she was worth more than anyone can imagine
And she craved for more…and more
Up the ladder she kept climbing
Few steps to the top…..OMG!!

The ties were off, the chatter…seized
The laughter..hahahhaa….seized
She was at the top
At the top! She made it

Up the ladder her body gave out
With her heart rumbling like thunder
Her anxious feet once again gave way to thud
She had achieved success_
The battle scars never look like they would fade.

by Chinenye G. Okoye

Chinenye is a beautiful igbo girl who grew up in Jos and has refused to accept that she’s a good writer

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