Where Should Your Brows Start? Arch? and End?

Hello my pretty ladies!!! Hope we are all ok and practicing our makeup looks. Well am back with the brow tutorial just to help those that are still struggling with their brows. This tutorial will help you know where your should start, arch and end. Let’s begin then.

Where should your brows start? – Taking a pencil,place it on the sides of your nose to make a straight line showing you where your brows should start.


Where should your brows arch? – Taking the pencil again, place it diagonally on the balls of your nose, crossing the middle of your eyes, now that’s where your brows should arc.


Where your brows should end? – placing the same pencil diagonally crossing the end of your eyeball is where your brows should end.

images (1).jpg

Alright ladies, this tutorial should guide you to your perfect brows. Remember to keep practicing and never be afraid to play with your eye shadows, trying different looks. Enjoy the weekend and as usual I have left you guys with pictures to guide you.




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