Hellurr, good afternoon 😀 How are we doing today? Hope we went to church today? I did and it was awesome!
Today’s message was about how to feel genuine joy and happiness. According to the priest, when you are in God, you would not have to struggle to be happy because you are by right, empowered with the fruits of the holy spirit. Makes sense abi?
Before we start, stop whatever you are doing and pay attention. If you are a guy, call your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, girlfriend, colleague or whoever is around you to read with you. If you’re applying nail polish or watching a really important movie, drop your phone and come back to this post when you are done.
So, today’s message in church reminded me of a poem I heard in the movie For Coloured Girls. If you haven’t seen it, you have to see it. It was made from a book written by famous poet and playwright Nzotake Shange who was a survivor of rape.
The poem was recited by the character Juanita Sims whose lover Frank kept playing with her trust by coming and leaving whenever he wanted, breaking her heart over and over.
Click here to download the video of the poem
This is a refined part of the poem:
Somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff
And didn’t care enough to send a note home saying I was late for my solo conversation
Or two sizes too small for my own tacky skirts
What can anybody do with something of a nobellier on an open market?
Did you get a dime for my things?
Hey man, where are you going with all of my stuff?
This is a woman’s tripping, I need my stuff to ooh and aaah about
Honest to God! Somebody almost ran with all of my stuff
And I didn’t bring anything but the kick and sway of it
The perfect ass for my man and none of it is theirs
This is mine…Phemelo’s own things,…
That’s my name now give me my stuff
I see you hiding my laugh and how
I sit with my leg open sometimes to get my crutch some sunglight
This is some delicate leg and whimsical kiss
I gotta have to get to my choice
So you can’t have me unless I give me away
And I was doing all that till you ran off on a good thing
And who is this you left me with? A bad attitude
I want my things, I want my Oooh with a hot iron scar,
I want my leg with the flee bite, yeah I want my things
I want my calouse feet and quick language back in my mouth
I want my own things how I love them
Somebody almost ran off with all of my stuff
And I was standing there looking at myself the whole time
It wast spirit that ran off with my stuff
It was a man who’s ego won’t drown like road ants shadow
It was a man faster than my innocence
It was a lover I made too much room for almost ran off with all of my stuff
And the one running with it, don’t know he got it
I’m shouting this is mine and he don’t , and he don’t even know he got it
My stuff is the anonymous ripped off treasure of the year
Did you know somebody almost got away with me!
Me! in a plastic bag under his arm, Me! Phemelo Motona!
Somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff!
by Ntozake Shange
Click here to read the full version of the poem
Awesome right? 🙂
If you have seen the movie “For Colored Girls“, then you will understand this poem better. It describes a woman who gave her all to someone and kept accepting apologies from the same person over the same issue over and over again. It also describes a woman who changed herself totally and stopped doing all the things that made her happy to please someone who didn’t appreciate her sacrifice.
It tells a short tale of a lady who ignorantly gave her all to someone and then later realised that she was gradually losing her soul and what makes her who she is.
And who is this you left me with? A bad attitude
There used to be a time when I didn’t even know who I was anymore, because I was lost in something that I didn’t even understand and it almost walked away with all of my stuff and left me with a bad attitude, a bad CGPA, a bad social life and most importantly, a bad relationship with God.
Are you in search of something? Happiness perhaps? and you feel like you can’t have this happiness on your own? or your happiness depends on that someone or that something? Stop now..just stop. You can only have this happiness by yourself because it comes from within.
The priest today gave an example today in church that I agreed with. He said that he pities the ladies the most because every day a lady crushes herself because of jealousy and envy of her fellow women. If you are short, then short is the best way to describe you, if you are dark, then be dark, if you are slim then embrace your “lekpaness” to the fullest.
Don’t let them carry you away in a plastic bag under their arm.
I saw something on a friend’s phone, and it said,
the day your start comparing yourself with other people is the day you start failing
*sigh* I know i’m talking too much so i’ll stop here and leave you to think about all i’ve said.
You don’t have to give up so much of yourself to another person for something you can have by yourself.
You don’t have to change and become a ghost simply because another human might make you “happy”.
My love, if that red lipstick highlights your full lips and makes you happy, rock that lipstick!
If that rusty old watch you wear makes you happy and still tells you the time, rock that watch!
Don’t be restrained by the happiness of another! Your happiness matters too!
If you are short, be the shortest you can be.
If you are tall, be the tallest you can be.
If you are dark, be the darkest you can be.
If you are fair, be the fairest you can be.
Slim or fat, short or tall, fair or dark, curvy or straight, cross-eyed, bow-legged, blind, crippled, funny, boring, serious minded, playful, outspoken, anything! Just be that thing that you are and be happy!
Be happy!
Being happy is not a certificate you have to earn, it’s a right you have as a human being. You don’t have to struggle to be happy!
Okay, okay, one last thing then i’ll go back to my books. My bestfriend Chioma taught me something. She asked me to climb up a table in our dinning room and asked me to pull her up to the table. I pulled and pulled and pulled! but she kept resisting and eventually she dragged me down to the ground with her. She said, “that’s what happens when you try to help or be there for someone who doesn’t want your help, they will eventually drag you down with them or even lower”
I hope I have spoken to someone out there because I battled with self-discovery for a while and I know how liberated I felt when I let go of issues that wanted to run away with all of my stuff.
Thank you everyone for reading.
Remember to Comment and Share with your friends, who knows? You might save a soul or two.


  1. Uncle Phil says:

    Hmmm, a lengthy but good sermon. The only thing I might add is, even though self-discovery is the starting point it naturally progresses to God-discovery.
    In God we find out who we really are and what we are truly capable of.


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