Ah! No be small thing o, dust dust dust everywhere. It’s so dry here in Anambra that my eyes dry out so fast before the next blink. Lord! I was in the market making the braids that I just took off (I’ll come to that) and suddenly this weird wind just blew across the market..Lol.. the stylist making my hair had to shout “uguru a bia na ooooo (harmattan has come oo)” she hurriedly poured some oil on her hands and rubbed it on my hair.
Mehn! It just kept getting worse each day that I was too scared to even take off the PS. It looked so old but I just couldn’t. I had to visit so many sites and do a lot of research. Iono how many hair enthusiasts I emailed or how many blogs I visited but it just wasn’t enough. Until I woke up one morning last week and looked at the mess on my head and I was like ” you can’t keep living like this, just lose it ” and then just like magic, my scissors appeared in my hand and I cut the braids and started loosening them. I’m going to describe how I took down the PS without losing so much hair in another post.
I originally wanted to make a new PS immediately like the next day lol..but Chinwe Juliet, the owner of blog said it was advisable to leave your hair out for at least a week for it to breathe and I saw sense in it. So, my usual style for the past four days has been the same, spritz, moisturizer, oils and a little Shea butter. I usually blow out my hair by banding them the night before so it doesn’t shrink and of course my satin bonnet has been my best friend ever since.


No banding the night before

My hair doesn’t really dry out that much although it gets a little tangled at the tips but nothing my spritz can’t handle. My hair is always under a satin scarf when I’m at home to avoid stories that touch 😉 lol
By the way! Christmas is here again! I’m counting down to Jesus’ and mum’s birthday on the 25th..yip yip!!! 😀 What plans do we have for Christmas though?


Banding the night before

Here’s what you can do in preparation for Christmas: We have a Facebook page that needs to be liked and a Twitter page that needs to be followed! Please join in the Christmas spirit and invite your friends to do so as well!
Happy harmattan 😀
Thanks! :* :* :* :* :*
– the femaleigboarchitect



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