Good morning everyone, how are we? Are we feeling the Christmas vibe? Abi Mary never born for una side? Haha …

We are really sorry for going AWOL for a while, everyone is trying to round up the year in our respective schools and homes. Yeah, it’s not just me and I will introduce the whole team to us before the year runs out. I also want to thank you all on behalf of the team for your contribution to the success of the blog through your views, posts, comments and occasional shares. God bless you all.

Today’s post is going to take an educative turn as we are going to discuss a not-so-common subject that is essential in every young adult’s life


Since most people, especially the young adults decide to embark on this journey of self-discovery mostly at the beginning of a new year, the concept is no longer taken as seriously as it should be taken on a normal day. This is probably because most people start it in January and give up before February…Initial gra gra if you may. Lol…

Only very few of us got it right the first time. Me? I went through a lot of phases and a lot of circles before I found direction in my life.


The act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings – Mirriam Webster

Self-discovery and awareness means understanding one’s thoughts, feelings, values and background and how they impact the success of the interaction and relationship or how they may influence one’s work. It is recognizing one’s biases by tracing them to their origins, through reflection and by noticing one’s own behavior – and then intentionally seeking a way forward that positively impacts interaction and relationship. It means maintaining new ways of thinking and acting when situations become difficult or uncertain or in times of urgency – Victoria Morgan, Aboriginal Youth Intern, Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure, Burnaby.

The next question would then be:

How do we embark on this journey of SELF-DISCOVERY?

Well, I don’t know if there is only one way to start this journey or many other ways but I will tell you how I started my journey.

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” – Gerard Way

I simply stopped what I was doing, thinking, feeling, believing, wearing, saying, singing, or hating. I just stopped and I “died”. I then starting looking for reasons behind these past convictions and started weighing them on the reasonable scale. I started sifting through my previous principles, relationships, clothes, music, and thoughts and I started throwing away the barks. Let’s call it the winnowing process.

I simply went back to Grade one and started looking through my report cards.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” – C. G. Jung

Afterwards, I took control of everything. I stopped taking things as they came, I started letting them come if I wanted to. I gradually established principles, cut all unwanted ties with people and established a lifestyle that I wanted. Make no mistake, this lifestyle includes God, right from the beginning because If I had not first had an encounter with him, I wouldn’t even be on this journey.

I used to be confused and without direction. My life had no shape at all and I just did things on impulse and then justified my actions later with whatever seemed right at the time.

I know you might be wondering: what’s so great about self-discovery?

I’ll tell you:

  1. It teaches you how to love yourself.
  2. It can lead you to the right career for yourself.
  3. It improves your relationships with people.
  4. It makes you physically healthier.
  5. It helps you make better decisions in life because it gives you better judgment.
  6. It gives you charge over your life with the help of God.
  7. It makes you happy and happiness is the way forward 😉
  8. It gives you confidence and boosts your esteem.

I will not say that I am now a perfect person who has it all figured out, but trust me when I say that self-discovery has nothing to do with what we learn from school or from books or even from TV but it has everything to do with what you learn from yourself. This life is like an undercover tsunami and you are the only person who can keep you afloat despite the turbulence.

If you feel lost, or feel like you don’t know who you are anymore or why you do some things that you do, you need to embark on this journey with me and I promise, it will pay off. I know we are at the end of the year and it probably seems to some of us that we have not achieved anything or we feel lost, out of place and without direction…hmph… I would like to let us know that next year exists because we all deserve second chances.

God does not keep us alive for us to sit around and do nothing while things happen to us, he keeps us alive because he wants us to work on ourselves to make ourselves better and in turn, make the world better. Just stop, kill that bitter and lost human and give birth to a better person. Don’t listen to the people who would make fun of the fact that you are doing the “new year, new me” thing. Just do it.

I hope we’re all celebrating in our different ways at home or where ever we are because it is essential that we take a break from the whole year’s work, meditate, reflect and most importantly, take off all the flesh from the bones of all the chicken you lay your hand upon 😀 😀 😀

Merry Christmas in Advance from the GirlUp ‘n’ Walk team!!! Bye!!


4 thoughts on “THE NEW YEAR, NEW ME “GRA GRA”

  1. Arcmec says:

    self discovery huh…..
    interesting but may be you could do better by giving us tips to remain focused.
    All the same its a nice piece keep it up.


  2. chinenye says:

    exciting. .really this is one topic or rather post which everyone has to read..we all need to rediscover ourselves. most especially in this new year. .mustn’t really be about resolutions but about making yourself better.


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