Hey lovers 🙂 , it’s been a long time! God knows I have missed you guys like crazy. As we slowly approach the end of the year, i want to appreciate all my readers for their undying love and support. It’s been a delight sharing my life with you guys this year. To be honest, writing has opened me up to parts of myself I wasn’t ready to admit existed, parts that I had buried… So thank you for helping me find my voice in this noisy world, thank you for being my little spark, and thank you for being a respite from the storms of this year. I sincerely don’t know where I would have been …I love y’all 😀

Now to the business of the day!! Merry christmas ooo… it’s that time of the year again! When fowls and turkeys all over the world wish they were not born. * You people should sha take it easy with the eating, there is still next year*.

So it’s a beautiful night out here in Nigeria and as I sit out here staring pensively and warring with these vampiric mosquitoes,*slaps thigh* I think of you. Yes, you! (p.s. I am not sitting out here because I want to oo…*sigh* there is no light. NEPA Why!). In spite of the distance, I feel like there is a lot on your mind. In the midst of all the merriment, I sense you in a bubble of your own reflecting on the events of the year. (Yes I have psychic powers ooo…You’d be shocked at the powers of an African mosquito bite).

For some of you, you’ve had a great year all round, you’ve shed tears, you’ve laughed hard and you’ve made not-so-costly mistakes. In fact, you’ve done the needful this year and you are more than ready to move on. Whooppppy!

But there are some of you who have had a crappy year, to say the least. You’ve been disappointed, you’ve been hurt, you’ve hurt more people, you’ve made deadly mistakes, you’ve lost your resolve and conveniently forfeited your enthusiasm. The year didn’t just steal from you it stole you and so like our Lord Jesus Christ, all you can say at this juncture is, “IT IS FINISHED”

All my life, I have seen 21 Christmas nights, most of which I can’t recall but on this 21st Christmas night, I’m moved to think of you; I’m moved to celebrate with the joyful and to empathize with the downcast. Although I am neither here nor there, for your sake I have become all things so that by all possible means I may put a smile on your face tonight. (Please smile… I’ve always wanted to use that bible verse. lol). For me, in the end, I’m  just glad you made it. Although that may not be enough for you, it’s all that matters to me ‘cuz as selfish as it sounds, it means I’m not alone. You are not alone. We are all in this together, however messed up it may be! *lol…high five*.  I know life is not FAIR, as a matter of fact life has dished me my fair share of aweful experiences, but that’s not an excuse to loose your FLARE ( no ryhme intended. I am just cool like that! Hehehheheh).So honeys, spark up your world! ‘Cos the truth is that if there was no you or me, a part of this world would be dark! Very dark. I know my world would be dark without you. *Smiles*

Any way,I’m sure you’re wondering how my year has been. For me, to say my life has been a roller coaster ride  is the understatement of the year. But really, if you ask how my year has been,

I’ll tell you that I was shoved into womanhood

Groomed by Mother Sorrow

And the vision of a bleak tomorrow

I was forced to grow


But I’ll also tell you that I’ve wept for joy

Stunned with a degree

I was declared debt free

From the pangs of university fees


I’ll tell you I fell in love

Slain by his cold words

I lost all resolve

Only to lose the battle of love


But I’ll also tell you that I’ve met friends

Bonds knitted till death

In the hearth of life’s fiery breath

Resilient to spite threat


I’ll tell you that I lost my way

Swayed by ambition

Into a maze of flawed decisions

My ultimate terminus: confusion


But I’ll also tell you I heard his voice

Faint in the death of night

Thunderous in the dearth of might

My God rose to the fight


Above all I’ll tell you I met you

Without whom there’ll be no muse

And I’d be obtuse…

So on this night of December, while some of you dine and wine with your families and some are alone in the dark because of NEPA, know I’m thinking and praying for you! Gotta go now, its time for the fireworks!! *Sorry knock out in Nigerian parlance*. I love y’all! See y’all next year! 😀


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See you in 2016!! 😀


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