Welcome to 2016 girlies! I hope we are showing our hair the love and care it deserves. Cool.

My hair and I have been surviving though, especially through the end of last year, terrible, very terrible. In the last NHJ post, I was all happy that my hair was behaving herself and retaining her moisture but I turned out that it was a post too soon because I just couldn’t anymore. I tried going to braid it at a salon and they almost cut my head off with the price of a simple “bob marley” braid. So I took my xpression hair attachment with me back home.

You know what I did? I made crochet braids lol yes I did! And it wasn’t so good, but it helped cover my hair for about two weeks. I’ll describe how I made crochet braids with a diy bobby pin, xpression kankelon hair and my little sister’s awesome twisting skills.

So, after I took out the crochet braids which were starting to look awful because the braids beneath were not so tight, I washed, conditioned, and decided to try again at another salon here in school with a simpler style. Guess the name of the hairstyle


Lol, yes you heard that right! Etisalat lol. So, I asked the lady how much it would take to make the hair, and she said “because you are customer, let me do it for 1200, don’t price just sit down” and I sat. I originally had a head wrap on so when I took it off, she almost fainted.

“Jesus, Virgin Hair?!! Mba o! Your money is 1800”

I asked her why, she said ah that virgin hair is too stubborn and that it would “tear” her hand. There were other girls in the salon by the way and they were looking at me like I was an alien lol. One of them, finally spoke up and she said,

“Won’t it hurt you?”

I laughed, and told her to touch my hair and she went “wow” lol. She said my hair was even softer than hers and it was relaxed. When the lady felt my hair she loosened up and smiled and said:

“When you finally dis virgin this your hair ehn it will now be very fine and full”…

Excuse me?..dis virgin?? I started to open my mouth to tell her that I didn’t plan on relaxing it ever but I just swallowed my words, smiled and nodded because I was in a hurry to get my hair done. So, it took her about 20 minutes to get the hair done because I had already picked my attachment.


Yeah, so this protective style would probably last me for about three weeks or if i’m lucky, four and then on to the next protective style because school work would not let me wear my natural hair out so much. Alright! This is pretty much it for now.

Please take care of your hair ladies (natural or relaxed). Try to form a routine for taking care of your hair, they are called regimens. Find out what your hair needs and give it to it.



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