“Hey! Come back! Where are you going?”

She didn’t say anything, she just kept strolling.

She could hear me but she was pretending

No matter how hard I was trying.


We had been in the restaurant talking

Don’t get excited we aren’t dating

She had been staring, winking and talking

She had jokes because she had me laughing.


Then, suddenly I started thinking

It’s like I had been on a page staring

Trying to read but wasn’t understanding

She looked so unfamiliar and so daring


I asked “Who are you?” frowning

She gasped, “But we have been talking”

I looked down and started thinking

I looked up and she was crying


She stormed off and just kept walking

I caught up with her and kept tapping

She turned around and was staring

I noticed she was still crying


Admist her sobbing

She asked “You dont know me?!” sniffing

I stepped back, realising

“It’s you, you’re me and I have been looking”


“I have been looking for me, searching!”

“I have found me and I’m crying”

“You have been missing!”

Now we are by the side walk hugging


I have found her…*sigh*

I have found ME



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