Greetings earthlings! I bring you good tidings from my world were reality is important for survival, where it is not all about money but about happiness, where it is not all about quickies but about genuine satisfaction and where it is not all about booty but about self-discovery.
Before we continue, ladies, please drop whatever you are doing and pay rapt attention. If you have wet nails, drop your phone, let the nails dry and then pick up your phone and read. If you are a guy, call your sister, wife, girlfriend, side chick, fiancée or colleague who is around you to read with you. If your friends are far away, scroll down and share this post with them through Whatsapp, Twitter, BBM, Facebook, Tumblr, anywhere!
We done? All right! Today we are going to talk about something very important and something every lady should know.
The other day, I was in an argument with my friend Gerald about the set of girls we like to call “Runz Girls” In case you don’t know, “Runz Girls” are females who get intimate with wealthy men for money. Now, Gerald was of the opinion that people who condemn these girls are just haters who don’t have the courage to take such risks for money. These set of girls are usually flashy and fresh, own awesome phones, drive awesome cars, have opened boutiques and even own houses, cool huh? In Gerald’s words, “You go sit down here make pant dey wear you, your mates dey drive car and you dey fly bike to school”
I laughed.
I then went ahead to ask my dear friend Gerald, why do these girls do what dey do for money? He said there were many reasons: it could be that they are from poor homes, it could be that they don’t have good upbringing from home, and it could be that they are just girls who want to have fun.
I laughed again.
I disagreed with Gerald’s reasons, because I don’t feel that those reasons are enough to drive me to defile my body especially for money. Of course Gerald said that it is easier said than done, and then I told him something that got him thinking.
Till tomorrow, I can proudly say that I can never be a broke woman in this life or the next. You know why? Because I am aware that I have hands and that I can use them to feed myself. You want to know another reason why I can’t be broke? It’s because I am content with what I have.
I saw an old classmate one day in the market selling tomatoes and pepper. When she saw me, she almost hid under her table, but I caught her and I was sooo happy to see her. We got to talking and I found out that she lost her dad and since then, her mum had not been able to afford school fees for her to take the JAMB exams. Apparently, she was helping her mum to sell in the market, while her mum managed her tailoring business at another location. You know what I said to her? I said “Wow, that’s good!” and she became confused.
“What’s good about all this? I am poor and you are already in school” lol..
”Ah! will you steal? Or go into prostitution? Because of money? You have hands! Use them”.
I went ahead to explain to my friend that I wasn’t asking her to accept her situation and sit back, I was only trying to tell her that the tunnel is a little longer than usual and that she shouldn’t fail to see the light at the end. The fact that a tortoise is slow, doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t get to where he is going, it’s just that it will probably take a longer time for him to get there.
Presently, I can make beads, I have basic knowledge in sewing and hair dressing, I sing, I dance, I can clean, I can cook, I type presently at 64 wpm means I can work as a typist somewhere. I write, in fact I think I can do anything I want to, if I put my mind to it.
Do any of those things I mentioned require my crotch? N. O. NO!!!
Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the high expectations we have for life has blinded us and has pushed us into this fake world where everything must go our way immediately! Shap shap! My point is, ladies, we don’t have to compromise ourselves or offer our bodies to the devil simply because we want an iphone, admission, clothes, or a house shap shap!!! We have our hands! We can help ourselves! When we feel everything is gone and we have tried everything and nothing is working. Don’t compromise, be content, be patient and think. Look at your hands and become aware of the fact that you can use them to do a lot of lucrative things that might even give you more than you expect in due time.
If you are lucky God may even send someone who would help without you breaking a single sweat. Don’t take matters into your own hands and do things that may be harmful to you because God has decided to delay somethings. Remember God’s wristwatch never goes bad; he knows what he is doing and he definitely knows what you need and deserve.
Please my queens, you are royalty.
Be royalty.


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