Hello Ladies!!! Am so sorry for no posting for a while now :twisted:. Hope y’all are good health wise and makeup wise ;). Well am back with another brow tutorial. I know I post more on brows, this is because I want you all to be perfect when drawing or filling your brows and not just depend on brow pencils. So let’s go there!!!…

First you need your mascara wand/ spoolie brush, brow gel, angle brush or brow brush, concealer (a shade lighter than your skin tone and a shade that matches your skin color).


1. Groom your brows if they look bushy.

2. Brush your brows with the spoolie brush.

3. Dip the brow brush in the brow gel and then draw a line following the shape of your groomed brows(do not over dip and make sure not to start from the beginning of the inner brow line)

4. Using your mascara wand, brush the gel into the brows to fill it in or fill in with little brow gel using the brow or angle brush and then brush to remove defined lines and evenly fill in the brows.

5. Apply the lighter shade of concealer beneath the brows and then blend it downwards getting rid of defined lines. Do the same above the brows with the concealer that matches with your skin tone/color and blend upwards.

6. Look at your brows 😌

Alright ladies, let me drop a pic guide as usual. Please keep practicing to be perfect… Mercy loves you all *kisses* And I wish you all a lovely, peaceful, stress free and blissful week. 😘😘
– Mercy Philip



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