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Today I was going through my Facebook page and I stumbled on something that ruined my day. I decided to take a screen shot of it and see what you all have to say about it.




It says:

So this woman,  Hajia Risikatu Abdulkarim, a lecturer at Nassarawa Polytecnic is being interviewed on NTA Keffi.
I listen with an open mouth as the interviewer asks if rape is the fault of the women. And she replies with a yes.  Says when a woman is dressed indecently or is half naked,  it’s her fault if she gets raped. 

She says sometimes,  the  rapists would even finish raping a girl before they are aware that they raped her.  So it’s not their fault.

In the fight against violence against women,  she says women should stay close to God,  and they won’t experience violence.

A lecturer in Nigeria says this.  A woman for that matter.
What is she teaching?
Like seriously?!
Who sent me to watch NTA this evening?
See what #BuyNigeriaToGrowTheNaira campaign has


First of all, I will like correct that thing you are already thinking about. She doesn’t make any sense what so ever and if she is trying to make sense, she failed.
Do you know what RAPE is?
Rape is defined as sexual intercourse that is forced on a person without his or her permission. It may involve physical force or the threat of force. It may also be done against someone who is unable to give consent. Sounds so unserious right? Lets now define consensual sex and compare the two, that way you will understand how horrible the act is.
Consensual sex occurs when both parties especially the females agree on and are ready mentally and biologically for it. We all attended integrated science classes in Junior secondary so we know exactly how sex happens.
When it happens by force, there is pain, a lot of pain. Physically and emotionally.
RAPE is just evil. Only a dark, twisted and mentally imbalanced person would take by force what he can always get for free if he is patient enough.
Everybody is responsible only for his/her sin. The way a lady dresses does not encourage rape. A man does not just decide to rape a girl on seeing her, he must have always had that intention even before seeing the girl.
Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t encourage indecent dressing because I think women should treat their bodies better.
Besides, in India where ladies are usually covered up to their feet, they still get raped.

She says sometimes,  the  rapists would even finish raping a girl before they are aware that they raped her.  So it’s not their fault.

Can you imagine? So this is the excuse she has for these horrible monsters who take advantage of women?
I will stop here for now and let you share what you feel about this as well.

7 thoughts on “RAPE? OUR FAULT?

  1. I read once, there is nothing like ‘consensual’ sex. Sex, by virtue of being that – sexual intercourse – already connotes acceptance, willingness. So if it is not consensual, it is not even sex; it is rape.


  2. i think there is a point where the lecturer is hitting at………….. something leads to something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the rate at which rape cases are reported today is alarming, now what am i saying ……………….SEX is being advertise in many places now e.g in most music videos, movies etc and it corrupts the mind first then secondly before we see indecent dressing among prostitute but now its common to even little girls so when a corrupt mind finds a girls half naked what do u think should happens next……..he feels the girl is ready and when asked she says no which most time a ladies NO is a yes lol……..that is one………….thirdly this corrupt mind again finds himself in a room all alone with this half naked babe what do u think should be the next move,,,,,,,,,,,,my people lets be careful……………i support the lecturers view simple


    1. Your inability to control yourself isn’t an excuse to make someone a victim. From what you’ve been distortedly saying, I think you believe indecent dressing is a the cause of rape. I’d like to say that rapists and their uncontrolled urges are the cause of rape. As much as I don’t like indecent dressing, someone’s indecent dressing isn’t mine to punish (yes, that’s what it seems like -punishing them for dressing indecently “after all why did you dress indecently, didn’t you want it?) them for.
      Why don’t you face those music video producers? After watching erotic videos, you want to take out its effects on you on someone else -how nice. And ’em prostitutes, how many prostitutes have you heard have been raped. And what about little innocent children that their tragedy was being a cute, little baby girl, she wanted it right?
      For whoever thinks the girl is ready and receive a no, “NO” means “NO” whether she meant “YES” in her mind or not. It’s not a damn funny “NO” moment.
      If his (own) corrupt mind fills him in a half naked girl’s room, next move: leave the room. For Chrissakes, it’s her room and her body and she decides what to do in the room and with her body.
      Oh! something leads to something? It’s recession, go rob the bank or kill Buhari and make a lot of people happy. Hasn’t he led a successful recessive era?


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