Hello people 🙂
I’m sorry I’ve been hoarding gist about my hair for a long time. Please forgive me, school work has kidnapped me.
It’s been 5 months since my BC and I discover new things about my hair everyday but today I am going to share three weird facts about her:
Uneven shrinkage: lol this particular fact makes me worry and cracks me up at the same time. Whenever I band my hair at night and then loose it the next morning, I have this large afro on my head but about six hours later, it turns into a half afro in front, a full afro at the back and a shrunken mass of hair in the middle😂😂😂. I later realised that it happens because the hair at the back is softer than the hair in front and the hair in the middle is thicker than the hair anywhere else.


Uneven growth: this is another “uneveness” about my hair. The hair in the middle is the thickest but it grows faster that the hair at the front and at the back.  It’s not as if the hair at the edges break off or anything because I make sure I don’t stress them. Tbh I have no explanation for it and I don’t even know if it’s normal lol.


She has a jealous owner: 😠😒 yes! She gets more attention than I do and its so not fair! 😣
“Hey, nice afro”
“Nne, are you wearing a wig?”
“Wow, your hair is beautiful”
I mean, she just takes allll the glory and shades me lol
Just kidding though.
Let’s hear yours! What are the three weird facts about your hair?



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