Hey guys! Before you beat me, I can explain. You see, I had just three days to prepare for a major jury. It threw me off balance, so I had to cheat on you guys with my studies :twisted:. Don’t be mad, I’m back for you here with another Poem review of a piece I stumbled upon online some time ago and it spoke to me. I think it would speak to you too. It’s titled FACADE by Max.

I thought I had found it.
True love.
It felt too good to be true.
The care and constant attention
The kisses and the sweet embraces
The smiles and the calls every night

The intimate magic we made
The lovely aura we carried
He saved me I thought
He helped me get up from that gutter I was in
He gave me life

I felt important, loved and cherished
I felt happy and better
It went on and on and on
Until I became boring
I started taking it more seriously

I had found the one
He also said he had found the one
But deep inside I saw that lie
That darkness shielded by innocent eyes
I felt that withdrawal
I felt him laugh at me

Now, situations have changed
There is an excuse for everything
I now yearn to be touched and genuinely loved
I yearn for that happiness I felt 
There is this dark cloud over our heads

I am the only fighting to get it off
He is not interested anymore.
Just like that, I am back to square one
In that gutter
Did I ever leave? 
Have I been lying to myself?

Was it just a facade?

One thing I had to say about this poem when I read it, was that it was so real like I could feel what the writer felt while he/she wrote it.
This poem tells a tale of a young lady who got into a relationship with a guy who wasn’t ready to be serious with her. It’s very sad because, it seems as if she put in her all into a relationship with the wrong person at probably the wrong time.
She got into a relationship with someone who didn’t have a future for her or didn’t have plans to keep her. He probably was an ungodly man who was taking extras for free. Now she’s left with nothing but her tears, regret and shame.
Most of us are guilty of this particular mistake where we don’t wait for God to help us chose the right person to date for the right reasons. At the end of the day we are left with physical and emotional scars that hardly ever fade and leave us misinformed about what real relationships are about.
I don’t really have much to say because I don’t know it all and I am learning just like every other person reading this.
Just know that God is always there to pick you up from whatever ditch you have fallen into. We are all going to keep running this race called life until it ends. It’s never too late to make it right, its never too late to leave that toxic relationship you’re in and its never too late to start living again.
That’s all for now, see you later 😈 and I promise to be around more often. Keep loving yourself for me 😘😘😘



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