Bia, nodu ofu ebe this girl, stop shifting this cap” my mum said as she dutifully adjusted the convocation gown I was trying to wear for us to take pictures.
“You don’t know how lucky you are, I didn’t attend my own convocation” she continued.
“why nau?” I asked.
“Is it not you? I was pregnant for you during my time” she explained.
Humans were built to always want more and more until we die. We are naturally insatiable which can be a good thing because it is this want for better things that drives us everyday but it blinds us sometimes. When we always want the best out of situations, we forget to appreciate the present states of these situations.
“Oh, my parents are so annoying, I wish they wouldn’t disturb me so much” said Nelo.
“You are lucky you even have parents, mine died even before I was 4” said Tina.
Only then did Nelo realize that she had parents who really cared about her wellbeing and were just trying to show her love the best way they could. She forgot to appreciate the fact that they were alive and interested in her and resulted to complaining about how sour her relationship with her parents was.
“This yellow dress is too big for me, I hate it!” said Ada.
“Oh God, I wish I had some clothes to wear” said the homeless child on the street.
It is good that we always want the good things but will this hunger cause us not to live?
I learnt a lesson today that I will hold on to forever. Sometimes, it’s good to just relax, forget what ever may be bothering you, forget the fact that you feel like you have the worst problems on planet earth, forget that anger, or sadness or anxiety you feel and just live in the moment with whatever or whoever you have. You owe yourself happiness and rest of mind because no body will do it for you. Sometimes, just forget the things you want or how you want things to be and see the light in how things already are.
“Ngwa, Daddy let’s go we are already late” mummy said as she walked towards the car.
“Okay! Bye bye! Thanks for coming” I said as my dad shut the driver’s door and started the engine.
Apparently my parents were only available for about 30 minutes today because they had to go get little brother from school back in Nnewi but believe me when I say that I enjoyed every single minute of it because I relaxed, threw away all my trouble and lived in the moment. It gave me a break from all the wahala from school and life and allowed me to re-visit them with a cooler head.
Try living in the moment.
Just forget and live.
On another note, the convocation ceremony was held at my school today so,




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