“O boy see this lekpa girl” one of the boys said as she walked past them. Her mum sent her out hurriedly to get peppers so she didn’t have time to make her face look good since that was the only good thing she could boast of.
She sighed and kept looking at the floor trying hard to shut out what had already found it’s way into her head. She hated how she felt then and all the other times people reminded her of how flat and unattractive she was.
She never went bra shopping with Jenny and her friends because they would point at her boobs and laugh. What was most embarrassing was how Jenny described her size to the store attendant.
“Give us the TINIEST size you have and make sure it has lots of FOAM” yep, that’s just how she says it and Jenny is supposed to be her friend.
Precious hated mirrors because her reflection annoyed her. The mirror she hated the most was the large one in her room. Her dad got it for her because according to him:
“The reflective glass on our windows don’t do your beauty any justice”
She always wondered why he said that to her when it was a lie. The mirror he got was a flawless piece of plain glass that showed her exactly how she thought she looked:
Skinny, flat and ugly.
Oh how she wished she could be like Jenny. Jenny was perfect! She was 14 but she looked 20. She had full breasts that could hardly stay inside her blouses. Her curves formed a perfect 8!
One time when she was out with Jenny, a guy she had been staring at obsessively finally noticed her and waved at her. She was so happy and smiled from ear to ear then she pointed at herself and mouthed: “me?”
The young man replied, “no, your friend” with a look of pity.
Jealousy and anger flooded Precious’ mind because Jenny always got what she wanted. She felt invisible and she hated her body!
Her mum noticed her low self esteem but felt that it was a phase that 13 year old Precious was going to outgrow it someday.
Precious felt the same way too because the internet says that there are people who are late bloomers and she could be one of them so she waited..
“Happy Birthday!” The whole family screamed jolting her from her dream. Her dad, mum and little sister were in her room excited for her on a birthday she wasn’t even looking forward to. She however forced a smile, hugged her mum and sang the “how old are you now?” part with them just so they would leave her room with all the excitement. When they left, she went to her mirror, looked at her reflection one more time and then smashed it with a closed fist.

Precious is one of the many people who are struggling with the society and her opinions. People like Precious don’t know that the society is just doing her job, she’s throwing hurdles at people to build their personalities. Precious feels the whole world hates her but she’s the person who actually doesn’t love herself. I know I have passed on this message over and over again on the blog but I will not get tired of saying it.
Don’t beat yourself down and then blame the world for it. The world does not owe you anything,  she’s just doing her thing. You should do yours.
Things will only get worse because everyday more and more “ideal” situations or people will be created and most of us most likely would not look like or fit these perfect things. What would we do then?
Hate ourselves like Precious did?

PS this is my first ever attempt at fiction. I need feedback please 😓😓😓



As seen on Linda Ikeji Blog:






Inspiring isn’t it?
There is nothing like beimg your own boss. It keeps you in control of your life and your finances and it helps you plan freely without necessarily depending on any man or woman.


Kudos Chinemerem!!! More grease!!!


Hey everyone, happy sunday! Hope you’re doing well. It’s  been awhile and i’m sorry ive been busy with school work and all. I saved my hair from all the exam stress by outting her away under a weave. I had the PS on for about four weeks and I just took it down yesterday. It was scaryyyyy. There were alot of knots at the tips and dirt clumps at the roots. While I took it down, I was scared a cockroach would crawl out. Yes, it was that bad.
You shpuld have seen me, I was sitting on the floor sorounded by bottles of oils and conditioner, with an afro comb in my hand. I am sure I cam close to counting the strands on my hair because I very carefully detangled the knots. When I finished, I just put my hair up in two buns and went to bed. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of all this because there was no light and my phone waant charged.
The next morning, i washed, deep conditioned and oiled. I then put it in three tiny buns and that was it! My hair is back to life.
The journey so far? Well, the past seven months have been nothing but interesting. I can’t wait to do a length check in October 😀





Do you get angry sometimes?
Yes, i said it: Angry!
At who? Them!
The movies,novels and our.parents.
Why? They lied to us.

Let me explain

The motion pictures,
The heated romance,
The grass to grace,
The good and bad,
The happily ever after?!

Ring a bell?
Not yet?

The prince charming,
The perfect good girl,
The hardwork principle,
The spend wisely cautions,
The keep your legs shut?

Now you remember?
Now you see it?

The dissappointments,
The confusion,
The irony,
The sodomy
For God’s sake the lies!

Like a veil they were put there,
To shield our eyes,
To give us hope,
To give us drive.
It blinded us to the real world.

The real, monochrome, blank, empty, hard world.
They shielded us from it,
To give us childhoods to remember,
Oh the memories,
Good memories.

You’re going down memory lane aren’t you?
Snap out of it!

Would this struggle ever end?
The struggle to make a dent?
The struggle to mean something?
The struggle to love?
The struggle to LIVE?

Are you thinking right now?


Hello!! Rattled your mind a little didn’t I? 😉
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Lots of love!