Do you get angry sometimes?
Yes, i said it: Angry!
At who? Them!
The movies,novels and our.parents.
Why? They lied to us.

Let me explain

The motion pictures,
The heated romance,
The grass to grace,
The good and bad,
The happily ever after?!

Ring a bell?
Not yet?

The prince charming,
The perfect good girl,
The hardwork principle,
The spend wisely cautions,
The keep your legs shut?

Now you remember?
Now you see it?

The dissappointments,
The confusion,
The irony,
The sodomy
For God’s sake the lies!

Like a veil they were put there,
To shield our eyes,
To give us hope,
To give us drive.
It blinded us to the real world.

The real, monochrome, blank, empty, hard world.
They shielded us from it,
To give us childhoods to remember,
Oh the memories,
Good memories.

You’re going down memory lane aren’t you?
Snap out of it!

Would this struggle ever end?
The struggle to make a dent?
The struggle to mean something?
The struggle to love?
The struggle to LIVE?

Are you thinking right now?


Hello!! Rattled your mind a little didn’t I? 😉
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Lots of love!


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