Hey everyone, happy sunday! Hope you’re doing well. It’s  been awhile and i’m sorry ive been busy with school work and all. I saved my hair from all the exam stress by outting her away under a weave. I had the PS on for about four weeks and I just took it down yesterday. It was scaryyyyy. There were alot of knots at the tips and dirt clumps at the roots. While I took it down, I was scared a cockroach would crawl out. Yes, it was that bad.
You shpuld have seen me, I was sitting on the floor sorounded by bottles of oils and conditioner, with an afro comb in my hand. I am sure I cam close to counting the strands on my hair because I very carefully detangled the knots. When I finished, I just put my hair up in two buns and went to bed. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of all this because there was no light and my phone waant charged.
The next morning, i washed, deep conditioned and oiled. I then put it in three tiny buns and that was it! My hair is back to life.
The journey so far? Well, the past seven months have been nothing but interesting. I can’t wait to do a length check in October 😀





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