You miss him so much
And you can literarily see the void
Your mum misses his touch
Of course you can tell she’s annoyed
You offer her your arms to clutch
You try not to look worried

I know, I know
Its okay…you can cry
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Yes! They work! They actually work! I used to think that these tutorial people with their shiny hair and everything were just giving us half truths on their YouTube and Facebook videos until I actually started paying attention to them.
The reason why these tutorials never worked for people like me, is that we never actually pay attention. We watch these tutorials for the wrong reasons. We either watch them to just look at their hairs or to watch for a mistake or a lie.
At around 2 a.m when my generator went off about two days ago, I couldn’t sleep anymore so I started surfing as always. I came across a tutorial video by a girl named Mary Kaey on the Natural Hair Babes group on Facebook. This video in particular looked so real and everything so I made up my mind to try it out. Guess what? I did and it came out beautifully. It was a tutorial for a puff with bangs.


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all good. Want to share with us how interesting the past one week has been for me. One word:Awesome!
Did you know that I always had an issue with styling my hair? I simply thought my hair was just meant to be an Afro. I never knew that my deep conditioner just wasn’t working for me. On Wednesday last week when I took down my PS, I decided to go organic and I used a DIY avocado deep conditioner and OMG guys it works! I did my first chunky high puff twist out yesterday and it came out great! Its so sad that I don’t have a picture. I will put up a post describing how I used the Avocado DC next week.

fun with styles

I had so much fun with styling for the past one week and I finally got to realise that I wasn’t even having fun sef. I was just learning.
I couldn’t wait till October to do a length check but the picture isn’t clear :(:(…

october 3, 2015 - May 4, 2016 (second pic was taken when i was taking down a ps

It has grown shey? 😁😁😁😁😁😁
You guys, you never stop learning on this natural hair journey at all. I just stumbled on a DIY page and viola! I now get to style my hair. Go online, surf, follow blogs and Facebook pages. Who knows what life changing thing you can learn Lol..
Have fun y’all and treat your hair well..


Hello my beautiful ladies. Hope y’all are doing great. We are back with another MAKEPUP 101. Today I want us to talk about something I noticed of recent. I know we all want to look good especially when it comes to our makeup but I noticed most ladies attempt the winged look and end up doing something off. Well I’m here to help you guys.

The winged look is something anyone can do but it takes PRACTICE to be PERFECT. Let’s begin with the makeup tools for this look.

First, you need a black gel liner,liquid eye liner or a black marker eye liner. If you are using a black gel liner you need a good angle brush(small).


1.  Draw a thin line upwards at the outer corner of the upper lash line.

2.  Draw a second line thicker than the first, starting from the middle of the first line drawn slanting towards the middle lid.

3.  Draw another line connecting the second line to the inner part of the eye or inner lid.

4.  Fill in the spaces with the gel liner,liquid liner or marker liner.

5.  For a matte finish, dab a black eye shadow to it.(optional)

There you have it!!! Your winged look. As usual I’ll leave a tutorial pic for a better explanation. And remember to always PRACTICE… Enjoy the weekend and Mercy loves you…*kisses*



Acne is a dreaded “situation” amongst young people. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “fine girl, no pimple” lol so pimples in this case are not associated with fine people. As a growing girl, I never really had issues with acne because my mum fought it off with all her strength. It was until I got into the university that I began to have issues with acne.

Acne can be caused by a lot of things, some genetic and some hormonal. However, there are common and not-so-serious causes of acne in young people. Some of them include:

Dirty pillowcases and other things that come in contact with your face.
Whenever my face starts to break out and I’m around my mum, the very first question she asks is: “When last did you wash your pillow case?”.

Pillowcases have the tendency to accumulate dirt because when we sleep, we sweat, we drool, we sneeze, etc. If you allow all that dirt to build up for more than a week, there is a possibility that It will cause you to break out. I also believe that there are certain types of textile you should look out for when buying a pillowcase. Cotton or silk pillowcases are the best for you face. Satin pillowcases are not really nice compared with silk or cotton pillowcases because they do not really absorb oils. However if you are a naturalista and you really have to use a satin pillowcase there are many way to handle this issue. You may wear your hair in a pineapple updo or you may put on a satin cap instead of using a pillowcase altogether, it works for me. Bottom line is, you need to keep your pillowcase and other stuff (face towels, make up brushes, etc) clean at all times to avoid buildup of dirt which will in turn block your skin pores and cause acne.

Picking/Bursting pimples
Sometimes I hear people say: “Come lemme burst ya pimple” kai!

Please o, pimples are not for bursting, they can do it by themselves if you let them be. Keep your hands off your face!

If you notice a pimple on your face that has a yellow head, there are many ways to deal with it instantly, one of which is my little sister’s garlic method. If you aim at “bursting” your zits when they are “ripe” you will get them infected and then they will turn into bigger zits. When they turn into these bigger zits due to infection, they leave black spots when they heal.

I used to have this one zit on my nose and it was very annoying. It was just right there at the tip of my nose, yellow and big! Smh. One day I just got impatient and popped it. When I woke up the next day, it was bigger with another yellow head and even more painful. Now I have a semi-black spot at the tip of my nose.

Don’t pick or pop your zits please, they will pop or dry up on their own.

Horrible personal hygiene
This just has to do with how bothered you are about the cleanliness of your skin, your clothes, and your surroundings. Keep your environment and yourself clean because, it is a safe way to live. Staying clean keeps acne and any other horrible thing away from you. Make sure your face is always clean and dry at all times so that your pores can breath. If you have really oily skin, you can get cosmetic blotting papers to remove excess oil from your face especially when you have make up on. If you are too tired to take a bath at night, try at least to wash your face before going to bed.

Pimples are not nice and these things are easy things you can do. Just find a way to make them habits and you’re good to go.  Let’s start this week with a happy, healthy and pimple free week! 


Happy Sunday people! How are we doing?
I saw this news online on and I just didn’t know what to make of it. Here are screenshots of the news as seen on the site:




Abeg my people I am tired of talking about this issue of domestic violence. What causes a fellow human to harm the father or mother of his or her children? I wish the subject of the dispute was known, then maybe we will understand it better. What am I even saying? This is murder isn’t it?


Prayer to me, is like God’s social media. Whenever I pray, I feel like I’m chatting God up and reminding him that I’m still here.

When I was younger, I never believed in the the power of prayer until I was 14. My mother was pregnant with my fourth sibling. My mother had a habit of not checking the sex of her baby until birth. This meant that she obviously had a lot of faith and she also loved surprises. For me? it was just plain torture because you see, I already had three sisters whom I loved so much but also wanted a brother. I wanted a brother because I needed someone to jump up and down the house and make noise. I also wanted a brother because I got tired of the “younger sister” syndrome. Every girl with a younger sister would know about this syndrome. They always raided my wardrobe! and when I try to raid back my mum steps in :(. We all wanted the baby to be a boy.

The day I started praying was the day my mother called me into her bedroom and handed me a piece of paper indicating that she was pregnant for her fifth child at 40. Yes! she was 40 years old when she had my brother.

To cut the long story short, I told God I wanted a brother and I knew he had answered my prayer when a teacher at my school came to my class and said:

“Ifeoma, so your mother gave birth to a baby boy and you did not tell me?” lol I couldn’t express my joy. I just kept wondering:

“so prayers actually work?”

I have a six year old brother now who by the way looks exactly like me. I don’t know if he knows this, but he is a living testimony of the power of prayers.

Prayer in the name of Jesus, is a way of communicating to God free of charge. All you have to do, is speak, and he listens. That’s all! It is something that every believer should do everyday. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to break that bridge between you and the most high.

One of the reasons why many tire of the concept of prayer is because they expect everything to come immediately. If you are one of those people, keep calm and read about how GOD’S WRISTWATCH works and be empowered.

Pray without ceasing and not just to ask for things but to let God know that his creation remembers him and cares for him.

Prayer is an armour and a shield

Prayer is like nourishment for the soul

Prayer is a boost to a believer’s confidence

Prayer is powerful.

Believe and Pray.