Hello my beautiful ladies. Hope y’all are doing great. We are back with another MAKEPUP 101. Today I want us to talk about something I noticed of recent. I know we all want to look good especially when it comes to our makeup but I noticed most ladies attempt the winged look and end up doing something off. Well I’m here to help you guys.

The winged look is something anyone can do but it takes PRACTICE to be PERFECT. Let’s begin with the makeup tools for this look.

First, you need a black gel liner,liquid eye liner or a black marker eye liner. If you are using a black gel liner you need a good angle brush(small).


1.  Draw a thin line upwards at the outer corner of the upper lash line.

2.  Draw a second line thicker than the first, starting from the middle of the first line drawn slanting towards the middle lid.

3.  Draw another line connecting the second line to the inner part of the eye or inner lid.

4.  Fill in the spaces with the gel liner,liquid liner or marker liner.

5.  For a matte finish, dab a black eye shadow to it.(optional)

There you have it!!! Your winged look. As usual I’ll leave a tutorial pic for a better explanation. And remember to always PRACTICE… Enjoy the weekend and Mercy loves you…*kisses*



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