You miss him so much
And you can literarily see the void
Your mum misses his touch
Of course you can tell she’s annoyed
You offer her your arms to clutch
You try not to look worried

I know, I know
Its okay…you can cry

At 2a.m you got the call
All was lost but you still hurried
The smoke above the building was so tall
All your wares destroyed
“Is anything left?” No matter how small
The firemen just worked and ignored

There, there
Its okay…you can cry

“Crunch! Crack! Crack!”
The sound of your jaw bones
He did this every time he got back
You try to shield the little ones
They would cry and he would smack
Sometimes he threw stones
You even have scars on your back

Its okay sweetheart, let it out
You don’t have to be strong all the time
Its okay…you can cry


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