I am Who I am by: Meisha-Kay (Jamaican poet)



I am who I am by: Meisha-Kay (Jamaican poet)


Dont get me wrong;
you insult me when you constantly ask to which group I belong?
I know who I am and I am an African.
I am not Zulu,
Nor am I Xhosa,
I am not Ashanti,
Neither am I Fanti,
I wasn’t born a Mandingo and
I surely won’t die an Igbo,
I am who I am, and I am an African.

I tried crossing borders, but you didn’t let me,
Instead you said I was a threat because I looked Fulani,
Wait! Before I go further,
would you love me any less if my ancestors were Berber?
I am who I am, and I am an African.

Whether my heart choses to dance to the beat of a Nyabingi,Kette or Congo drum,
Whether you chose to label me as Amhara, Dongo or Fong.
I am who I am…

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I’d rather be that dumb girl who believes…

that the world is not an entirely bad place

that bad people used to be good people

that circumstances change people

that there are good men…and women


I’d rather be that dreamer girl who believes…

that everything happens for a reason

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Continued from MY CURSE – EPISODE 1

…When I got to his door mouth, I just knocked on it once and opened the door and what I saw forced me out of the room…

The ride to my hostel was horrible, I had to struggle to keep my tears in my eyes because people were already staring at me.

When the bus got to my hostel, I practically ran out of the bus into the compound. I had already given up on keeping my tears in my eyes so I cried all the way up to my room, headed for my bathroom and locked myself in. I cried my eyes out. Why me! Why am I so hopeless and unhappy?! Nobody likes me!!

My thoughts were interrupted by a tiny rap on the bathroom door

“Ada! Ada!! Can you hear me?! Open the door please! I need to pee!” Nara said.

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“…give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…”

Do you know that you probably have been saying this prayer wrong?

Let me explain.

A lot of times we sin against God ( knowingly or unknowingly) and because God has infinite mercy on us, he always forgives as long as we are repentant. Often times, humans take this particular fact for granted and fail to make conscious efforts to live holy lives.

Now, if God can forgive, who are you not to forgive?

In fact, if we don’t forgive, how will God forgive us?

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“Do you think anyone else would even consider suffering with you?! I am doing you a favour!!” He screamed to the hearing of Paul and Gomez, his roommates.

“Why do you think i’m with you? You think you are so beautiful or smart?!! how many boys will do what I have done for you?!!” He asked

“Do you know how hard it is?! Literally? You have forced celibacy on me for four months! Haven’t I tried?!”

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After Dare got dressed, he picked up his briefcase and strolled over to the other side of the bed where she sat staring at him with a shy smile.on her face.
“I wish I could stay a little longer but Tara and the kids need me around today. It’s Ade’s birthday” he said before giving a light peck on her forehead.
No response.
“awww, sweetheart, you know I love you soo much. Just give me time okay? I have to go, see you next week” he said, shutting the door to the hotel room behind him.
Simi sat there silently staring at the wad of 1000 naira notes Dare left on the bed for her “upkeep” as he liked to put it.
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Yes! This is a new series I would like to start here on the blog. #CCT!
Today we are going to talk about an actress I admire so much. Her name? Lol it sounds like a song when pronounced correctly


OMG right? She is amaze-ballz! I mean come on. She is Nigeria’s sweetheart! Okay have you seen Mr & Mrs? Phone swap? Of course you have.
I only have two words to describe Nse:
She is so real and so African.
Her spoken english alone is just out of this world and her signature openteeth smile? *sigh


I must confess I have not seen many movies she has starred in but the few I have seen? I am in love.
You know, except she is an awesome pretender or a perfect actress, her acting makes it look like she connects with her roles so easily. I watched her interview on jara one time and I just kept smiling and laughing. She is funny, free spirited and looks happy all the freaking time!


If you do not know who Nse is, you’re learning o. I’ll just go ahead and excuse you by giving you a link to her Wiki Page.
Sooo, I didn’t want to do this, but i’m just going to go ahead and do it. Nse followed me on twitter!! 😛


In summary, I am just happy there is one person that is saving the face of the movie industry in Nigeria. She gives me hope that there are people in the entertainment industry who through their passion can still touch lives.
I am a huge fan of hers!
Did I mention she’s a naturalista? Yep! She has that big mass of wooly African hair that we have too and it suits her perfectly!
We love you Nse!!!! :*



After several failed attempts to convince myself to use the warm sachet water to drink my garri, i decided not to be lazy. It was 6 p.m and mama ejima’s shop would still be open. So, I put on my slippers and my ear phone and went downstairs paying no attention to my appearance at all. It was a Sunday evening so, students were in their rooms trying to get enough sleep before the dreadful Monday comes.
As I nodded my head and did an occasional dab to the bass coming from the music in my ear, I saw someone whom I was grateful I saw first. I should have perceived her awesome perfume but I was distracted by the music in my ears. Lola.
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Good afternoon people and Happy Sunday to us all!!
I hope we went to church o. Ehen, by the way, how many of us are still on that self-discovery journey with me? Its not fair 😦 y’all abandoned me. Well, not to worry, you can always start from where you stopped if you’re serious about it.
Anyways, i have been on this journey ever since and just recently I had an epiphany.
This truth has always been there but I didn’t see it at all. This truth might surprise you because I should already know it.
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