Good afternoon people and Happy Sunday to us all!!
I hope we went to church o. Ehen, by the way, how many of us are still on that self-discovery journey with me? Its not fair 😦 y’all abandoned me. Well, not to worry, you can always start from where you stopped if you’re serious about it.
Anyways, i have been on this journey ever since and just recently I had an epiphany.
This truth has always been there but I didn’t see it at all. This truth might surprise you because I should already know it.

See? I told you I should already know it but I just recently discovered it. I realised that in my relationships with people who are not family, I never believed myself to be important. I felt I had to be the only one who had to fight to keep them. I didn’t believe I was important enough to be “kept”.
Although in the bible we were asked to do things selflessly for one another without thinking about what we get in return, we shouldn’t loose ourselves in the pool of fear that we will be alone. This fear of being “friendless” blinds us to the real truth that Jesus is all the friend that you need.
Think about it, Jesus who by the way is the son of God did not die for a person who doesn’t mean anything to him, did he?
We should realise that we are so important that Jesus died for us to be freed from the law by grace. This particular realisation should make us feel our importance.

Don’t loose yourself in the fear of being left alone or abandoned by man

When you see yourself giving in to this fear, tell yourself the truth!
When you utter that statement in belief, you will be free from that prison of fear that you have constructed for yourself.
Be free and take charge of your life with the knowledge that God is always there to listen, caution, provide and keep you company.
Have a lovely week ahead.
God bless you.
STOP! Don’t go, we need bloggers!!! If you know you want to embark on this mission and journey with me, simply send an email to this address or call 07063837762.
God bless you again!


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