After several failed attempts to convince myself to use the warm sachet water to drink my garri, i decided not to be lazy. It was 6 p.m and mama ejima’s shop would still be open. So, I put on my slippers and my ear phone and went downstairs paying no attention to my appearance at all. It was a Sunday evening so, students were in their rooms trying to get enough sleep before the dreadful Monday comes.
As I nodded my head and did an occasional dab to the bass coming from the music in my ear, I saw someone whom I was grateful I saw first. I should have perceived her awesome perfume but I was distracted by the music in my ears. Lola.

I don’t know how, but anytime I say her name to my self, angels from no where begin to sing. “Snorty-snub” was her nickname in class. Whenever she stepped into the lecture hall, everyone just stopped and stared at this girl. Well, except Jamil who always coughed out her nickname, causing a few snickers here and there.
She always did the same thing everyday. She would walk up to Ada and Tope, greet them and share compliments. Afterwards, she goes straight to her locker, brings out her pink ear phones and speaks to no one till she leaves.
The other guys always talk about how proud and how she too dey feel herself. Me? I have always had a huge crush on this girl since 100 level and it’s been three years. I have not said a word to her before because she’s out of my league.
Too beautiful? No she isn’t. Neither is she too rich or even too intelligent but she carries herself with this grace and confidence that I love so much. I’m very sure she knows that Jamil and the others were simply frustrated and taken aback by how self-sufficient she was, that’s why she just smiles at Jamil everytime he does the fake cough.
There was a time I actually got angry with her confidence but the truth is that she no just get anybody time.
She just stood there obviously waiting for someone. The sun setting behind her created this awesome aura about her. She just looked so African with her wooly black hair that I was always tempted to touch whenever she sat in front of me in class.
OMG! She can’t see me like this! Hmmm but she doesn’t know me..but what if she recognises me? Can I risk it?
While I was contemplating on what other route to take to mama Ejima’s shop to buy my sachet water, she turned and waved at me while saying the words I always hear her say in my dreams “Hi, Dele! What’s up?”
She knows my name!!! She actually knows my name!!!!



  1. Zoe says:

    I’m sorry i’m tempted to ask, Did you write this? If you did then you should build on it, it’s a great piece compared with the last short story you posted.
    I enjoyed this one and I love the theme; Young adult. I’m still wondering if the main character Dele is a guy or girl, and i’m praying this piece is a part of a novel because i want more of it!
    Great Job! And plsssssss keep it up.


  2. Nnamdi Nduka says:

    Sometimes people we think are out of our league may just be looking for the right opportunity to say Hi to us and get to know us


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