After Dare got dressed, he picked up his briefcase and strolled over to the other side of the bed where she sat staring at him with a shy smile.on her face.
“I wish I could stay a little longer but Tara and the kids need me around today. It’s Ade’s birthday” he said before giving a light peck on her forehead.
No response.
“awww, sweetheart, you know I love you soo much. Just give me time okay? I have to go, see you next week” he said, shutting the door to the hotel room behind him.
Simi sat there silently staring at the wad of 1000 naira notes Dare left on the bed for her “upkeep” as he liked to put it.

“I did it again” she said out loud to herself.
“I know he’s married and he can’t leave her for me. But I did it again”
Her desperation for love and her fear of being alone led her into a relationship with Dare. They had been together for two months and she only found out he was married with three kids last week.
She knew she had to leave but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was a 29 year old assistant finance manager at NEFCON with a six digit salary and her own fear had reduced her to this?
She was jolted out of her thoughts by the room landline.
“Hello, goodafternoon madame, it’s past 12 o’clock.”
“We need to clean up the room for a new visitor to check in ma” continued the squeaky voice on the other line.
Ohhh she had forgotten the hotel policy and she hadn’t even had a bath.
“Okay, give me 10 minutes” Simi replied before replacing the receiver.
She hadn’t realised that she had sat and stared at the 100,000 naira on the bed for two straight hours wondering why she just had to do it again..


4 thoughts on “PHOTO STORY: I DID IT AGAIN

  1. Zoe says:

    Good one. Just keep writing and reading, never stop. You’re going to write your way into winning awards and getting the fulfilment you desire.
    P/s: check this writing group at for writing support, critiques, lessons and all things scribbling.


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