“…give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…”

Do you know that you probably have been saying this prayer wrong?

Let me explain.

A lot of times we sin against God ( knowingly or unknowingly) and because God has infinite mercy on us, he always forgives as long as we are repentant. Often times, humans take this particular fact for granted and fail to make conscious efforts to live holy lives.

Now, if God can forgive, who are you not to forgive?

In fact, if we don’t forgive, how will God forgive us?

I think that particular statement in the Lord’s prayer tries to explain to us that not being forgiving is a burden. Not only does it ruin your smile, it give you headaches and it makes your heart heavy. It gives another human being the power to control your life and the sad part about it is that, these people who have hurt you might not even be aware of the power the have over you.You suffer in silence, and wish evil things upon them. All these things will only break up and destroy the vertical relationship you have with God.

I read a story on line of a woman whose husband hurt her. She always cried and drowned herself in her sorrows. Until one day she realised that she lived her life for God and not just for her husband.

It was God first.

I am asking you to forgive the person who has hurt you not because what they have done to you is justifiable. I am asking you to forgive this person your own sake.

Forgiveness is a vertical agreement between you and god and not a horizontal one between you and another person.

It is a healthy practice that leaves you happy, free, one with yourself and one with God. Let go of that boulder you are dragging along on this journey called life. Make it easier for yourself and forgive.

Be Happy.


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