Continued from MY CURSE – EPISODE 1

…When I got to his door mouth, I just knocked on it once and opened the door and what I saw forced me out of the room…

The ride to my hostel was horrible, I had to struggle to keep my tears in my eyes because people were already staring at me.

When the bus got to my hostel, I practically ran out of the bus into the compound. I had already given up on keeping my tears in my eyes so I cried all the way up to my room, headed for my bathroom and locked myself in. I cried my eyes out. Why me! Why am I so hopeless and unhappy?! Nobody likes me!!

My thoughts were interrupted by a tiny rap on the bathroom door

“Ada! Ada!! Can you hear me?! Open the door please! I need to pee!” Nara said.

I had forgotten that I had a room mate, she was a 400 level student of mass communication and I guess she had just returned from lectures.

I wiped my eyes thoroughly with my towel and blew my nose, then I unlocked the bathroom door. Nara rushed into the bathroom door obviously pressed while I went into the room and sat down on my bed. When I heard the flush, I realised that Nara was done, so I quickly arranged myself and tried to look alive and normal.

“This girl you are high o! Why did you leave our door open? Shey you like mosquito?” She said as she took off her clothes.

“Is this one deaf? I’m talking to…” She trailed off when she noticed that I wasn’t okay. Damn it! I tried so hard to hide it. Now I would have to tell the story.

“Ah ahn, Ada! What is wrong with you? Have you been crying?” She asked as she sat down beside me.

Nara’s question turned the water works back on and I started crying again.

“Awww, come here…it’s okay, it’s okay” she soothed as she cradled my head on her shoulder. She let me cry and then finally asked what the problem was. I narrated the whole story to her right from the beginning.

You see, Nara only met Pete once when we were just friends and I kept my life private so she didn’t know we were dating (or so I thought). When, I was done with the story, Nara felt so sorry for me. She even cooked dinner for me and did my share of the evening chores. She was being so nice but I noticed she never said anything or gave me any advice.

When she served me spaghetti, we started watching the second season of Walking Dead on our tiny tv.

“Nara, you didn’t tell me anything about by issue with Pete” I asked, trying hard to sound passive.

“I don’t really know what to say. Do you love him?” she asked and I nodded in response

“Hmph..okay, you know what? Let me call him and invite him over tomorrow. I can talk to him and see what he has to say” she suggested.

“Really? You would do that for me?” I asked in excitement. Then I turned around to get my phone to give her Pete’s number…

“Hello? Peter! Howfar nau?…” she said into the receiver.

What am I hearing? How is it possible that Nara has Peter’s number?




8 thoughts on “MY CURSE-EPISODE 2

  1. Chidire says:

    I felt like reading on… I wanted to see another paragraph after the question mark. I’ve never been more enthusiastic about reading articles on blogs. You’re good! Maybe Chimamanda ‘ s prodigy. Are we to expect episode 3?


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