Hello people!! ūüėÄ I hope we went to catch anointing today in church. I have realised that I have just been sharing serious things for you people here and y’all aff tire for me. So let’s go a little informal today.

Today I want to tell you something!

Not all the mad men in Nigeria are on the streets o! I’m telling you.

Some of them are in our places of work, our neighbourhoods, classrooms, and even churches! yess o! These particular set of mad people manifest their kolo in different ways but there is one particular category I would like to talk about today. These people are known as: Obsessive stalkers!

Who are Obsessive stalkers? Let me tell you.

Obsessive stalkers are people who are propelled by a particular feeling they have towards you. These feelings can make them do weird things to you, say weird things about you and think weird things about you too. These group of people often have some kind of emotional or mental problem. They are usually a set of people who have refused to accept rejection. In other words, they just don’t want to hear that¬†you don’t want¬†and that¬†it is not by force o!.

Different kinds of Obsessive stalkers exist but the two major ones are:



Simple obsessive stalkers are the kind that have previously been in an intimate relationship with someone and have refused to accept that he or she¬†doesn’t want again. These are the kind of people that believe that if they cannot have their victim, then no one else can. They can follow their victims across the world threatening people who as much as say hi to them or even look at them too long. These kind of people often end up with a simple restraining order or in jail for murder. Yes! It can get as bad as that!

Did you guys hear about that story that year? The one that was about a guy who burnt his ex to death because she broke up with him? That’s an Obsessive stalker right there.

Love Obsessive Stalkers are the scariest and most dangerous if you ask me. These are individuals who become obsessed with or fixed on a person with whom they have had no intimate or close relationship. The victim may be a friend, a business acquaintance, a person met only once, or even a complete stranger. These people will just see you and maybe you make small mistake and smile at them. Dariz it! You haff turn gehfrend or even fiance.

These set of stalkers are easily led on. You can give them hope by waving at them or even helping them pick up a pen in class. I’m serious! You know the worst part? You don’t know? Let me tell you. Once you as a person gives them the slightest hint that you are not interested, knowingly or unknowingly, you increase their love for you.

These people believe that they and their victims are meant for each other but maybe their current spouse or even their parent or even the weather is standing in their way. Creepy something!

Now that you know who they are, how can you tell if that guy that keeps staring at you in class or that girl that keeps texting you by 12 a.m is a stalker? Let me tell you another one.

  1. They don’t take no for an answer
  2. They are usually smart as hell! Genius smart!
  3. They hardly have friends
  4. They display an obsessive personality
  5. They are hardly embarrassed or anxious when they follow you around
  6. They do unnecessary things for you. Like give you a phone, get you a DVD, get you panties, polish your shoes, stuff like that.
  7. They become violent when frustrated.

Do they match? My¬†broda¬†my¬†sista!¬†Run o and don’t look back!

These people usually have stages of progression before they finally show themselves.

First, they start calling you and texting you unnecessarily. They visit you unannounced and stay for too long. This is the tension building stage

Secondly, they realise that they have failed and then become violent. They will verbally assault you or even physically assault you. They can rape you, kidnap you  or murder your whole family and friends just to show their frustration. This is the violence phase.

Finally, they stop being violent and start begging you to have them back. They blame the devil and the love they have for you and become nice to you again. That’s if they don’t kill you in stage 2. This is the hearts and flowers phase.

Please beware people! When you find yourself in a situation with an obsessive stalker. Just say NO once and then don’t speak to him or her again. Make sure you tell people about it and if necessary, involve an adult or the authorities. People have died due to ignorance and sympathy. Don’t be a victim.

I’ve been a victim to obsessive stalkers twice in my life and no matter how mild they seemed, they were scary as hell!

Please be alert and be safe!

Not all mad men are on the streets! One might be texting you right now as we speak! *inserts wolf howl*

Do you have any stalker stories to share? Just comment below!



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