Hello everyone! E don  tey  abi? Forgive me. I have been super busy with a lot of things. 

Today I’m going to tell you guys a story. It actually happened today though and I’m sure other naturals would be able to relate by the time I’m through with it. 

My exams and jury are coming up very soon and as usual, it’s time to put my hair away for a while. I braided my hair last month and took it down a week ago. I tried wearing my hair out for two more weeks but I just couldn’t so I decided to install a weave.

Previous PS

As you all know, I have salon phobia. I’m that kind of person that gets hysterical whenever I feel I’m going to loose hair. In fact whenever these hairdressers come close to my hair with a pair of scissors, I flinch first and then give them the warning of their lives.  

I really needed to get my hair done so I over looked the phobia and went to a salon around my house in nnewi, Anambra state. I got to the salon with my big afro like this: 

See my cute face 😀

I expected the hairdresser to yell “jesus virgin hair!” But she she didn’t and I was shocked. Her apprentices however just kept staring at me like I had shit on my face. I just laughed inside me. The lady motioned for me to sit and asked one of the girls to come and weave my hair. 

Do you know the look you give your mum when she asks you to wash a heap of her work clothes…manually? That’s the look this girl had on her face. Me I was using side eye to look at her. In my mind I was like “if this girl comes to touch me hair with that look on her face and that attitude me I will give her my own. She will not even hesperit” 

I overheard the others talking with the customers. 

“Hian..which one is this one?”

“Me, I no fit o. She get strenght”

“Maybe her hair is soft. She looks like half caste na”

“Ehnnn, she get ndi ocha blood”

“This hair go pain am ehn”

Kai! Ahaf suffer!

The girl kept dodging until her madame started weaving it, then she came to join in on the other side. Be like sey the madame look am with bad eye hehehe. Well, while they plaited the corn rows for the weave, one by one the people in the shop gathered around me while they both plaited it. Then the questions came.

“My dear when will you relax your hair?”

“Is it not paining you?”

“I want to barb my hair o, but I will be ugly with short hair”

“Her hair is soft, my own hair is hard as it is relaxed sef” 

“Not everbody can carry virgin hair o. It is headache” 

There was this constant urge to give a natural hair lecture to these women but it seemed like that would have been a waste of time and strength so I just kept smiling to myself.

To cut the long story short, I was like a clown performing for a small audience or more like a frog being dissected in a high school science lab. This always happens every time I go to a salon to get a ps.

Anyways. This is how the hair finally looked. It is just a simple centre part to keep me till the end of july.

It’s fine shey?

I’m afraid that’s all for today guys. I can’t wait for exams to come and go. 

Don’t forget to show your hair love, cuz no one else will do it for you. All you need is consistency, dedication and moisture! 

Oh and before I forget. I have a steady regimen now —》》 MY HAIR REGIMEN

Till next time! Byeee.



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