​The long vacation period of 2008 was a rather boring one. That year we didn’t attend summer lessons and we had seen all the anime and cartoons we had at home. All the interesting series on Disney were gradually being removed from the channel so even cable wasn’t interesting anymore. So, we begged mummy to get us a Play Station 2. She didn’t even know what it was at the time but she had to get it to pacify us. 

I remember the day my big cousin brought it back home. He had with him three games: Need for speed Hot Porsuit, Tom and Jerry Arcade and one Marvel game I can’t remember.

The summer vacation became fun within a minute. I realised that I sucked at multi player games. Not because I didn’t know how to play the games but it was so annoying that my victory had to be determined by whether or not the person sitting next to me wins. It was like a competition and it wore me out.

I preferred the Pirates of the Caribbean game o got from our neighbour’s . It was adventurous and fun because I won or lost all by myself.

Don’t be bored lol  I will tell you the point I am making.

Alot of times,  we fall into the temptation of unnecessary comparison and competition with our peers. We base our victory or happiness on how happy or sad the next person is. We turn life into a competition and find ourselves wanting to succeed just to be better than another person. 

It has its disadvantages.

1. You won’t do things at your own pace

2. You will hardly ever be happy.

3. You will be stressed up

4. You may end up regretting a lot of things.

When you take life like my pirates of the Caribbean game where you’re just a single player, progressing through the game in stages and overcoming different challenges thrown at you, it will be exciting. You will learn lessons from the mistakes you make and gain profits from victories. 

When I finished the game and Will Turner exchanged the heart in Davy Jones locker, the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment I had at 14 was like no other. I told everybody who cared to listen about it because I did it for me and by myself.

Do you get my point now? 

Be self-sufficient so that your true victory will come from within. 


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