​Hey guys! What’s good? Today, we are going to talk about something that even I am guilty of doing. Something that we all do sometimes. Something that ruins the lives of many youths and doesn’t allow them to live life as they should. This thing is:


Yesterday, I was with a group of friends and one of them invited us for a small get together that is supposed to be held today. One of us then gave the very famous reply we all know and we all give

“Which one come be gathering again? Who e epp? How much will enter my account if I go?”

That reply caused a big argument which ended peacefully though. We all finally came to a realisation that life is not actually all about money and making money. It’s all about happiness first.

Life is actually in stages, that thing that you feel will not epp you by giving you money might epp you by showing you someone who will epp you majorly lol.

Although sometimes it is very confusing. Sometimes you hear quotes like 

“Money can’t buy happiness”

Other times you hear quotes like 

“Money can buy happiness if you know where to shop” 

Well, I personally believe that there is more to like than epping. Most youths miss out on the fun they are supposed to have because there looking for what wee epp their bank accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should not hustle o! Or that Olamide’s song is not awesome because it is! It is important to hustle in this life to survive but make out sometime to sit back, relax and have fun because life is short. 

If you spend your whole life struggling to make money, what time would you have to actually enjoy the money? 

Please brethren, in all your quests for who will epp you, epp yourself first by cooling down and taking life in stages. Situations differ, I know,  but that opportunity that you are turning down because it’s not fetching you money might be that major breakthrough that has finally come your way. 

Think about it. 


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