Dear Ify,

Yes, stop looking around, I am actually talking to you. Yes you! not the other one. I won’t ask how you are because I already know. You are confused, tired, and you still don’t believe you are good enough to even read this letter. *sigh*

Where do I start from? Okay let me start by saying that you are getting it all wrong. People don’t have to like you for you to be happy and dressing up in skinny jeans and walking like a guy won’t attract the attention you feel you need.

Walking around like you have all the problems in the world doesn’t make you special. Stop watching those movies that make you believe that nobody cares about you. Stop being sad!

Stop struggling to leave your house because when there is no peace at home you can’t be at peace with yourself. Don’t try to make friends when you are not even friends with yourself. Also stop biting your nails it’s a bad habit I’m trying to stop so it would help if you take the load off and stop it for me. 😆

You are a beautiful and awesome person even Hope said so too.(Hope is my friend and you would meet her in a few months so don’t screw it up!)  Don’t let these negative comments get to you. Please love yourself and don’t let others do it for you. Trust me you would end up hurt by the person who would pretend to care for you when others don’t. 😟

There are those friends that constantly make you do what you don’t want to do 😠, Stay away from them before it gets too late. 

You are human and you matter. This means that you have the right to cry, smile, be happy or be sad it’s all your choice, don’t let others make this choice for you. 

OH! I have so much to say to you but I hope you got the whole message. I’ll leave you for now. I love you so much Ify and I hope you get to see how awesome you are! 😚😚

Yours truly,



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