Hi lovers!! How are we doing today?

I need to tell y’all something. I have sinned, please forgive me. 😦  I must confess my sins, so here goes:

Just like every other Naturalista on this planet earth, I am guilty of one thing:


Jeez! I think I am obsessed with it! I stay up late just to look at hair blogs, read product reviews and just gawk at how lush and shiny natural hair can be. Let me not even start with Pinterest. My God! Even when I tried to take a break from pinterest and reduce my data usage, it just didn’t work o. Pinterest would still give me that tempting notification:

“New Pins about Hair and Afro waiting for you”

I try to ignore it all day but my thumb would still find a way to tap on that red Pinterest icon. Anyways!

Today I am going to tell us the naija hair blogs that have caught my attention in all my plenty surfing. (PS they are not arranged in any order whatsoever, I just write as they come to mind)


To be honest, I cannot even remember how I got to know about this blog. Oh…wait, I remember! Her name is Chinwe Juliet and I saw her head on Pinterest where they were saying she invented the Volume Check on Black Girl with Long Hair 😀 (smh, I am doomed). I went to the blog and saw her HAIR and I fell in love. Sometimes, I go to her IG just to look at her hair and give myself hope. Is that stalking? lol I guess I am a stalker then. Seriously you guys, you need to check her out and see for yourselves how long Nigerian hair can grow.

IG: @igbocurls


Hmm, how did I get to know about this blog? Hmmm…got it! Her blog was suggested to me on my wordpress reader. I guess it’s because she’s an architecture student as well, iono how they did it but I clicked on it and I have been hooked. I was even featured on their Coils on Campus : Ify! and to be honest I have been feeling like a semi-celeb since then ;). It’s a blog run by two friends: Nafisah and Oge. Although Nafisah’s hair is longer, both their hairs are healthy and so cute! So, go there!

IG: @coilyheadofhair


I think this is one of the first blogs I stumbled upon before I even had my BIG CHOP in October, 2015. It’s run by Hadassah Agbaps. I lurvvv her curls man! They are so defined and lush. It was a tutorial I saw on her blog that encouraged me to do my first DIY crochet braids. I think she sells her own hair products as well. She was also involved in the Natural Hair Meetup that was hosted in Enugu last year. She has her own approach to natural hair blogging and I think you should check her out!

IG: @nappilynigeriangirl


I came across this blog just recently. The blog owner’s name is Sandra and I saw her instagram page and then I went to her blog. I like her hair because it looks “heavy” like her curls have weight. She’s been blogging since 2014 and she does product reviews as well. Her blog is not just about hair though, I think she centres on leading a more natural and chemical free lifestyle. She also talks about food and skin care 🙂 the whole package in one! Go and check it out.

IG: @naijagirlnextdoor


This blog was suggested on bella naija as one of the coolest nigerian blogs to visit and I clicked on it, and she happened to be a naturalista! lol. Her name is Osemhen and she just had a baby 🙂 Her blog is a general blog though. She talks about books, career, hair care, family, etc. I like her most recent post though. It’s titled “THE WOMAN YOU MARRIED”. Her afro is beautiful. She also does product reviews and even gives tips to ladies with relaxed hair too. Isn’t that cool? Should I ask you to go there?

I don’t know if she has an IG page though.


This blog, just like Coily Head of Hair is run by two friends: AB and MeeMee who deal mainly on natural hair care. I particularly look forward to their pictures on IG because they always tell a story and there is always some concept behind their pictures. They also blog about general life issues and it’s a good place to go if you are looking for good lessons on how to carry healthy hair.

IG: @thekinkandi


Her name is Mary Kaey. I saw her first on facebook when she did a short tutorial on how to make curly puffs with bangs. Trust me nau, I stalked her until I found her blog and followed her on insta sharply. She’s about to open her own salon in Akwa Ibom state so if you’re there, look forward to it because she’s good with updos and styling as well. She does product reviews and posts on lifestyle issues too

IG: @kinkchic

Soo, this is it for now, there are many other good blogs that I am yet to stumble upon, but these are the seven that I visit very often. Go to their blogs and confirm all that I have said.

Till next time sweeties!





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