She was covered with sweat, saliva, beer, wine and many other things she didn’t recognise at all. They were in her hair, on her face and some smeared along her thigh but this wasn’t what bothered her the most. What bothered her the most was the visibility cloak of shame that was over her body.

She felt like she had been bared for the whole world to see, so she retreated to a corner behind the bed and folded herself into a foetal position hoping to wake up from this dreadful dream. She had heard stories about these things and had even seen them on nollywood but had never imagined it would happen to her.

All she had to do was write her final exams and leave this school for good and just when she decided to go out with Funmi and “live a little”, she was robbed of her whole being.

She was lost in her own thoughts until the cold air from the air conditioner found her behind the bed and poked her out of her thoughts. This was when she looked around the room and saw what Funmi’s friends had left behind.

Torn pieces of clothing that used to be her favorite blue gown, were on the floor with empty silver foils on the bed. The bed cover was sprawled by the side on the floor and the throw pillows somehow found their way to the table. The tv was still switched on and was loud; playing songs from MTV Base. Why did tvs have to have loud speakers?

Ladi was lost, she didn’t know what to do. She had just sat there behind the bed shuddering, sobbing and hoping that they had at least paid the hotel bill before leaving. She also hoped so bad to wake up in her room under her pink blanket, stretching to a new day and wondering what kind of awkward dream this is.



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